Thursday, March 7, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (7/52)







  • Look who lost his first tooth!!  Talk about a happy auntie when I saw this picture.  Can't wait to see him in person this weekend!!
  •  Farmer's market delivered!!  For just $3.99 delivery charge (or you can pick it up).  All of the yummies above are from my delivery this week.  Good Eggs, I love you.  Seriously.  And small victory, I resisted the cupcakes they deliver (yes, cupcake delivery).  However, maybe next week.
  • Eating healthy all week, with minimal sugar, and feeling good.  Makes me happy that I'm making this a priority.
  • A cuppa tea on a rainy night right now.  After I post this, knitting on that sock for the rest of the evening.
And very, very happy that tomorrow is Friday!!  I'm looking forward to seeing Lil' Guy and the family this weekend!  My sister-in-law wants to move past all the garter stitch scarves she has been knitting.  Any recommendations for a next step cute scarf project I can show her?  Or easy stockinette tank top?

What happy has been going on for you guys?  All the comments on these happy posts makes me smile, so I think the happy project is working :)

Happy Almost Friday!!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

p.s.  If you haven't had a chance to enter the Sock Yarn Shawls Giveaway, still time to do so on the post.  And just a little over a week until the big Buy One Get One free IGK pattern sale on St. Patrick's Day.  Join the IGK ravelry group to stay in the loop :)


Anonymous said...

How about the pretty hooded scarf Wendy has been talking about on her recent blogs?

Anonymous said...

What about the pretty hooded scarf Wendy has posted about on her last couple of blogs?

Anonymous said...

I love the excitement of the first lost tooth. We have a tooth fairy problem in this house though...sometimes she can't find the tooth or just has a busy delivery night! Oops

Good job resisting the cupcake delivery!

Discoknits said...

Honey Cowl is amazingly simple and will get her into circular knitting too. You know, ready for socks after that ;0)

Love Lil Guys gappy smile. Don't those kids just melt your heart?!

Knittinggolfer and I obviously share the same tooth fairy. Ours sometimes takes two nights to get the job done. Sigh.....

Kara said...

If she still wants to do scarves, I find a basketweave pattern is a good one for beginners & it looks nice, too. :)

dianne said...

Love that happy Lil Guy smile! So cute :-) I have to admit that the tooth fairy didn't always make it to my house the first night either. So many kids losing their teeth at the same time, what's a fairy to do?

For simple patterns..., um hello....? What about le petit pont? Or Merrily? or My Kind of Saturday? or Summer Wind? I bet you know someone who could hook her up with those..... :-)

Renee Anne said...

I love the holey smile. I think the tooth fairy has had to go with inflation. I remember getting a quarter. Maybe.

Also, might I recommend the Irish Hiking Scarf as a secondary project? She'll learn stockinette and cabling all at once :)

dianne said...

I thought of another one, if she thinks the lace is too scary. How about Alpine Lake? All k's & p's, circular, and works up quickly in bulky.

gMarie said...

What a lot of happy! I need to know more about that pitcher of lemon water - it looks like the lemons are in something in the center?

I like the pattern with the dropped stitches. Can't think of what it's called. Not very helpful, eh? g

Sarah JS said...

I second the Honey Cowl for your sis' next project. Or S P-M's One Row Handspun Scarf.

As for happy? Making good progress on a knitting project that had been languishing far, far too long!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

What about a dish cloth or two with a picture in it. Will teach pattern reading and their small and quick. Then I agree with moving into cowls or hats. Let us know what you picked.
When I first learned felted bags were good and fun.