Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Socks of Stitches

Baby Sock

Look at that cutie-patootie baby sock I designed in JC Briar's class, "Design Your Own Socks." I need to make the mate to this one and take some better photos, but I just love it! This was the first time I took a class at Stitches and I loved it! JC was an awesome teacher, very knowledgable , and was able to teach to the wide range of skill levels in the class. Disco did a nice review of our class today on her blog too.


We were both excited to learn Judy's Magic Cast On and I'm now ready to tackle some toe-up socks! That's Disco sock below- she was doing the happy dance about the cast on! There were lots of things I picked up in the class, but overall, I am much more confident about sock knitting and different design aspects!

Magic Cast-On

I also couldn't resist taking some pictures of my favorite socks!


Tapmouse's Cedar Creeks (I feel like I helped cheer these on to be finished!)

Disco's Embossed Leaves (they match mine!)

Hey, look, I finally finished Dad's Mudslide Thujas! We had some time to knit a bit throughout the weekend and I finally finished these.
Pattern: Thuja
Yarn: Socks that Rock, heavyweight, color Mudslide
Modifications: Cast on 4 extra stitches for dad, and knit the leg 1" longer than pattern suggests. These are Dad's second pair of Thujas in STR and I think we've convinced him that STR is a lot better than those Pastaza house socks he was wearing (actually, I don't think he's worn those since I made him his first pair of STR socks!).

But really, I know you all want to see some of the gorgeous yarn I got at Stitches, right?!

I'll tease you a bit longer, but I will show you one of my favorite colorways of Socks that Rock that I got at Stitches! Typhoon Tina! I sooooo wanted it last year after I saw it in pictures from Sock Camp (I even emailed JoAnn and asked about it!) so I was happy happy when I saw it at Stitches. Here it is in lightweight, but I also got a couple skeins of it in heavyweight!!

Typhoon Tina

Typhoon Tina
Socks that Rock lightweight, colorway Typhoon Tina

I'm still on the happy Stitches high...can you tell?!
Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


kasiaiscarly said...

oh my, that typhoon tina IS gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! I love those colors!

turtlegirl76 said...

Great pics! Love that Typhoon Tina!

Disco said...

If you post one stitches yarn pron per day, that should last you til next stitches :-)

How is the destash going btw ;-)

This was an awesome sock post, love it.

sgeddes said...

That baby sock is just too cute. Very nice job on the design!

That color of STR is great! What are you going to make with the heavy weight?

tiennie said...

Great socks! I love that cast on technique!

Neuroknitter said...

You were so lucky to take a class with JC...I'm green!!! That is a darling little sock!! I'll have to see if she is going to teach around here sometime soon!

Typhoon Tina is lovely!! I can't wait to see more!!!

Scrabblequeen said...

Love your little sock design. I'm waiting eagerly to see the yarn porn as it is unveiled.

Nell said...

WooHoo! Typhoon Tina is so pretty!!!

Zonda said...

Typhoon Tina is gorgeous! Cute lil' sock! I bet that class was so informative! Yeah! I see toe up!! Disco..keeping you on the straight and narrow ;)

tapmouse said...

Oh, yeah! I LOVE that yarn and the colors!!! And you know that I absolutely love Typhoon Tina!

Yes, you definitely had a hand in encouraging the completion of my Cedar Creeks!

Now I suspected you were holding out on flashing the entirety of your SW haul, but I think Disco has just confirmed it!-lol!

And I LOVE your sockie that you designed! AWESOME!

Rani said...

I just learned that magic cast on and it is quite something.

You are a rockin' sock knitter! I'm drooling over all the delicious yarn!!!