Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Campers!


Happy Nartian!


Happy Tapmouse!

See, I share.

Did you all see Tina launched the Blue Moon Blog today? Go check it out ( yarn!!).

Happy Knitting!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

Love the brown that Nartian has her right hand on. Oh, and every other colour, of course!

You really should become a BMFA rep :0)

hearthead said...

How nice of you! :) They look absolutely thrilled. I got some of that origional stash too everyone!!! What have you cast on yet?!?

sgeddes said...

Very cool! Looks like everyone had a spectacular time. I tease, but I would have got a lot too!

I went over to the blog and put in my guess at the colors for the contest. Thanks for the heads up.

weezalana said...

I'd have a big huge smile on my face with all that STR in my hands, too! Lucky girls!

Zonda said...

Hehe! Yes, you made them quite happy one can see! I agree, you should be a rep for them! :)

adrienne said...

how does one go about becoming one of your "bff"?

those two sure look happy! no, that's definitely an understatement. more like ecstatic!!

i live near nartian. maybe i can sneak into her house when she's at work. probably better just to find out where YOU live, huh?!