Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm in Reno for a long weekend visiting my Great-Aunt Mimi. I finished the February Baby Sweater last night and told her I needed to go to the yarn store today to buy the buttons. She suggested looking in Cotty's (my other great-aunt who passed away last year...she loved to sew) button box. And boy am I so glad she suggested that!


These were just a few of the treasures I found!


Can you see the price on some of these- 29 cents!

Cotty's Sewing Machine

I still love this machine. Cotty showed me how to do some basic sewing on this.


There were even needles and thread! I just got a kick out of this!



These are the simple buttons I chose, partially because there were five which will be the exact number I need for the sweater and baby booties (the booties are one of my Ravelympics challenges). 10 cents baby. Can't beat that! Plus, fortunately, I don't need to go to the yarn store. Jimmy Beans is one of my favorites, but I'm trying to resist its call.

So the sweater is done! I love it! But, since one of my dear friends wants me to post more frequently, this is the only teaser you get.....hehehehe. More pics to come later!

Happy happy!

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Scrabblequeen said...

What a great find those buttons are. And an FO already, wow! I'm eager to see the non-teaser pics.

Disco said...

Wow, what a cool shop. I wish we had something that nice to hang out in.

And your choice of buttons was right. Don't want to distract from the yarn and sweater pattern.

Have fun with Auntie :0)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Love the vintage sewing items and the buttons!

tapmouse said...

Adorable sweater! Good for Aunt Mimi for keeping you away from the yarn store! I remember those same needles, too! We had some of those in the cabinet and I would bet my mom still has them!

Stacey said...

Wow, those are great! I have something similar, a sewing cabinet from my grandmother who died 20 years ago is now in my procession (she left it to me)- I had so much fun going through it!

Zonda said...

Awesome button find! Sniff I love that sewing machine, my grandmother had one just like it! Pretty sweater, great buttons for it!! Have a great weekend!

cockeyed said...

How precious!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

How sweet is that to use those simple "vintage" buttons for the baby Feb sweater.

Hope your weekend is lovely.

Nell said...

That's so awesome. I love hidden treasures like that.

Bezzie said...

Oh the button box---is it wrong that me and my two sisters have already called dibs (we'll share it) on my mom's extensive button collection when she dies? Hee hee!

weezalana said...

Vintage is so much fun! Great buttons, and love that needle book!

tiennie said...

I love old Singer sewing machines - I have 6 of them. :)

Marie said...

Those old Singers are beautiful machines. Just beautiful.

I think I'm glad that buttons are no longer 29 cents. They would have taken over my entire sewing room by now if I didn't need to have some self restraint.