Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things to do at Camp KnittyHaHa

1. Look at rainbows.

Gorgeous. Beautiful.  Wish you were here.

2. Make a cute project bag. A seriously cute (and easy!) project bag!


3. You hug your BFF. Hey, Ms. S's 3rd graders!! This is THE monkey creator. Say hi!


4. You buy pretties. Oh, and you drink Blue Moon beer.

New Pretties

5. You beg Tina to recreate this Rare Gem. Pretty pretty please. Consider this post a petition...let your voices be heard.

Please Tina.

6. You find knitters in the bar.


7. You are quiet when these fabulous teachers talk. Seriously.


8. You play Knitting Jeopardy.

Knitting Jeopardy!

9. You win prizes. Well, everyone won prizes.

10. You stop blogging and go to bed. Early wake-up call.

Happy Camping!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Jocelyn said...

I only know Stephanie, Tina and possibly Meg in that photo. How exciting. One of these days I will be attending Sock Camp.

Susie said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing and making me feel like a part of your experience.

Knitting Kris said...

Oh, how I wish I could attend! I'm so jealous! :) Have lots of fun, and keep showing lots of pictures, so that we can live vicariously through you!
PS - I'm signing the petition for that yarn color - it's amazing!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hopefully I'll have as much fun when I got to SOCK SUMMIT!!! You'll be there, right?

Disco said...


I agree on the rare gem - very pretty. But, oh my, that 'Beached' skein is beautiful too :0)

So appropriate that a rainbow looks down on sock camp.

Which of the teachers is tina?

chemgrrl said...

Oh! I wish I were there with you. I also wish I could go to Sock Summit, but I'm pretty sure there's no way in hell I could afford it. But it's right before my birthday, mebbe if I asked the blub real nice like...

sgeddes said...

Looks a great time! No fair dangling those pretty new colors in front of us and I can't even see the name of the middle one!

weezalana said...

I'd probably have to sell my soul to the devil to make it to Sock Summit, but given how much fun Sock Camp looks like, it might be worth it!

Rani said...

You are the best blogger EVER!

If I had one wish, right now, I would be very selfish and not ask for world peace but rather for a chair facing that harbor with some needles and yarn and a very large pint of Blue Moon. And all my blogosphere knitty friends around me!

cpurl17 said...

So jealous but so happy you're having a great time!

tiennie said...

11. You have great fun and make other bloggers really jealous!

Neuroknitter said...

Color du jour: Green, as in with envy!

Looks like you are definitely having a blast!

Loving the beer and skeins photo ;)

Hi and hugs to everyone for me! :)

Virtuous said...

OOh what wonderful fun you are having!! So appreciate the journaling of sock camp!! :o)

Scrabblequeen said...

Wow..even the beer is Blue mountain?! Keep on having a good time...and telling us all about it.

Zonda said...

Gorgeous new colorways and rainbow! Thanks for sharing!! Almost as good as being there!