Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got berries?

Got berries?

Last week just flew by.... I can't believe it was just a week ago that I took a half day off from work to go to lunch in the city with girlfriends I have known since the 1st grade! We had such a fun time in the city and treated ourselves to a fancy lunch! Just look at this dessert!

Got socks?

I couldn't resist taking advantage of the photo-op with my new berry sock.

And then my trip to New Orleans for work....I'll share pictures in the next day or two. Not as much knitting done as I thought (you'd think I'd learn!), but I did finish my berry socks AND started another pair in Socks that Rock Mochaberry. I'm in love!


The pattern is just about ready to go, but it needs a name. Here's where you all come in... suggestions? likes? Help me out, leave a comment by Thursday morning, and then I'll pick a winner or two to receive a free copy of the pattern once it is done (which I'm hoping should be within the week!).

Ideas that have been floating around already..

Something berry special
Got Berries? (I'm liking this one today)
Berry berry (but I liked this one yesterday)
Berry Delicious
Blackberry Crumble
Berry berry cute
Berry berry bo berry
Raspberry Torte
Bushel of Berries
Blackberry Buckle
Bramble Berries (thanks Tapmouse!)
Blackberry Jam
Raspberry Buttermilk

The colorways of the yarns I'm using.."Ripe for Picking" (see below) and "Mochaberry" (see above).

Just a little inspiration for you....

Happy Naming!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


äiti said...

Lattice with Berries on Top!

cupcakefaerie said...

Oh, so hard to decide. I'm going to go with "berry berry"... I think.... :)

Yummy photos. Welcome back!

Neuroknitter said...

Tres yummy photos!!! Between you and cupcakefaerie my diet is non-existent...both the yarn and food kind! :)

Shannan said...

I like Berry Berry.

Zonda said...

Ok, drooling over your dessert :)
Well, since I love Raspberries the best, I say Raspberry Surprise, the Surprise being how each colorway knits up :)

Victoria said...

Pickin' Season.

Seriously, these socks look good enough to eat or drizzle over ice cream. So cute.

Can't wait to start Cotty for the STR KAL.

Andrea (startrouble) said...

How about Berry Fields? That is what the socks look a little like to me.

Otherwise, I like Bramble Berries.

Lisa said...

Ok, here is my suggestion....

Berry Fields Forever

Yeah, a little Beatles reference.

tricia said...

so [berry] beautiful! I'm so excited for this pattern.

For names I like Bramble Berries idea. I also like it reversed: Berry Bramble. A merry berry bramble at that!

Lou - happystasher said...

How about Berry, Berry Smoothie?

Need a test knitter?

KatherineR said...

Berries on the Vine(?)

or maybe, Berry Vino

It's a pretty pattern!

Discoknits said...

Don't know about naming the sock this, but, I love blackberry crumble :0)

I kind of like the berry vino Katherine suggested.

Whatever you choose, the pattern is tres pretty :0)
well done

gaylen said...

Hmmm, I'm liking something with the word bramble. The little cables look like blackberry canes to me and the openwork - berries.

Bramble Berry or Blackberry Bramble. They are pretty. I would be happy to test knit if you need one. g

marcy said...

Forever Berry
That one comes to mind too!
cute, cumfy and fun!!

Anonymous said...

i would name it:
Touch My BlackBerries and DIe

cause i love blackberries..they are my favorite and i will fight you to the death if you touch mine!

your sock is looking really really lovely!

TinkingBell said...


or even 'Berry polite', but I quite like 'Berry impressive'!

Or Berry Cherry

or perhaps even 'Berry Crumble'

weezalana said...

Knitberry (heehee, like Pinkberry!)
Blackberry Wine
Berry Pickin'
Berry Summer

I had another, but can't seem to recall it. Must not have been very good! ;) (Ooo, Berry Good?)

Bezzie said...

Slueberry Bock.

My dad for some reason always spoonerizes anything dealing with berries. I grew up eating bayberry blugels and bayberry bluffins.

Anonymous said...

How about Razzleberry? Love you socks and all the beautiful work that you do!!!

Laura - Utah

helenlam said...

Berry Ripple

The socks looks quite delish!

Gigi said...

Delicious photos -- both the socky berries and edible berries!

michelle said...

How about "It's a Berry Fine Day!"

Angela said...

How about...
Rambling Berry Bramble
Rambling Bramble Berry
Lingonberry Socks
Wild Raspberries

Whatever name you choose, they're lovely!

Wool Girl said...

Love the Berry Fields Forever too, although I must say "Got Berries" sounds pretty catch too! Gorgeous sock...and the dessert photos - this is soooo not fair! I've got to stay out of blog land for awhile - not good for the diet at all!

Hope you are well!

sockdoc said...

While I like Bramble Berry,
Here's a couple more:
Rock-a-Berry (they are rockin' socks)
Berryluscious or Berrylicious
It is a lovely pattern.

Lynne E. said...

How about "Ribbon Berry"? I love this pattern, and want to knit it! The design looks like ribbons to me.

Chris said...

What a great design, how about Bumbleberry or Bumbleberry Blast or Bumbleberry Bomb,Bumbleberry Pie -Berry pies are the best!

Auntie Pudentaine said...

Berries on the Vine!

marilynknits from Ravelry said...

I like Berry Brambles.

Nutty Knitter said...

I like "Berry Berry".

I keep saying "Berry Berry Quit Contrary"

Nice job!

CO64 said...

Very pretty socks. How about "Sweet Tart." The dessert looks yummy!

Beverly said...

I thought Berries on the Vine too! Another idea is Laceberry. They're lovely whatever you name them!

Yvonne said...

lovely socks, I like the vine references to the names... Good luck picking!

Knitting Kris said...

I love the Berry Bramble name!
Lovely pattern. I'll probably be purchasing this one too!
You design faster than I can knit! :)

Christine said...

When I looked at the socks, I see vines, so my suggestion is "Vines of Berries".