Sunday, June 13, 2010


What a week! But I finally feel like summer is here! Stressful meetings, writing reports nonstop, and just not in enough hours in the day is what the last few m0nths have felt like! I'm going to enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer as much as possible!

Starting with this weekend....

1. Carnival.
2. Farmer's market.
3. Swimming.
4. More carnival fun.
5. Another farmer's market.
6. More swimming.
7. Knitting. Knitting. Knitting.
8. Making yummy salads for dinner and the week ahead.
9. Catching up on some movie-watching tonight too....Shutter Island and Valentine's Day...good combo?!

I'm hoping to get lots of knitting done too!!

Starting with this sock. I think I said a few weeks ago I wanted to work on it.


Yeah. This sock has been single for way too long. I must finish it! This was my original test knit for my Courage design for the Woolgirl Oz Club Cowardly Lion Kit. I used Socks that Rock lightweight, which was in between both the very fine fingering Union Center Knits Sock yarn and then the Sport Sock Yarn (see picture below).


But the pattern is very easy to modify!


And it is now available to the public!

I also went ahead and made The Woods Family Collection, an ebook featuring the four sock patterns named after my Grandma and her siblings.

The Woods Family Collection

Ever since I designed Cotty, I knew I wanted to do this. Four sock designs for $15, available here

l to r: Cotty, Uncle Frank, Winnie, Dotty

Happy Sunday!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

I bet you are relieved :) Love your Courage sock. Thanks for sharing the Woods Family with us!! I look forward to knitting the rest of the series ;)

Jo said...

I love the picture of your family - when was it taken?

Caffeine Girl said...

You really are talented! I love your sock designs. Reading your post has my fingers itching to start another pair of Cotty's!

Rani said...

How fun to see a picture of the four of them! You have accomplished so much - this is very exciting. It's fun to see them grouped together like that.

My pink Winnie socks were frogged because I accidently knit the top pattern, all the way down to the foot! GAH! But I won't give up. I love the pattern. Will try again.

SissySees said...

LOVE the family collection. Sweet way to honor them all. Courage really does remind me of the Lion's ruff...

gMarie said...

I love Courage - I wonder if I have the right color in stash. The family booklette is great. g