Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Seriously? How did September get here so quickly? August may have kicked my butt, but September is going to be a great month! I just know it! Fall is almost here....yay!!!

And just two more days til Notre Dame Football begins!! Can't wait!

I have lots of projects to share with you (can someone say cast-on-itis?!), but have not been home during daylight hours! And I'm finishing up the Sweet Baby Cate pattern, so I'm hoping to release that soon. Until then...let's talk yarn!

Yes, there were a few yarn purchases at Stitches Midwest. All for "designs" I tell myself. Stop laughing.


First up, this gorgeous skein of Luxe Merino Fine from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. I fell in love with her pretty yarns at Sock Summit and this skein just screamed my name the whole weekend! When there was just one left on Saturday, I couldn't resist any longer! I admit my weakness for that hint of cashmere.

Speaking of cashmere, another pretty! This was my first time seeing Dragonfly Fibers in person, and soooooo pretty! This skein of Djinni, in Blue Spruce, had to come home with me!

Then there was Miss Babs. Why oh why can't I resist her yarns?! I love them! And she had quite a few new colors that I tried to resist! The red is a gorgeous, intense colorway, Vlads, in her Yummy sport yarn. The two Yummy socks below are A Day at Red Lettuce Farm and Field Mouse (love love love!!)!


And then there was this one lonely skein of Madelinetosh Pashmina from WEBS. Again, the cashmere. Weakness.

Now I must knit.

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Unknown said...

You make me want to go yarn shopping NOW! Very dangerous. ;)

Kelly-ann said...

I fell weak to Dragonfly and the Pashmina as well. However, it was a downright miracle I resisted Miss Babs. Love your purchases! Oh, I lost the battle to Lisa Souza - loved her stuff.

SissySees said...

Love your purchases. Gretchen and I both have a thing for cashmere...

gMarie said...

I'd have a hard time resisting too. Lovely purchases - can't wait to see what you design. :) g

Scrabblequeen said...

Yummy acquisitions for your stash, um, I mean designing!

mhardersen said...

AH! The skein that you got from Dragonfly Fibers was a color that I created! We had a color inspiration contest and that was was I submitted!!! Way cool!!!

I, too, have a thing for's a downright weakness...

Zonda said...

Yeah..that cashmere, hard to resist ;) Looking forward to some Vlad at SAFF this year!

Rani said...

OH! I love the rich jewel colors. And cashmere -mmmmmmmmmmm. It will be like knitting with butter. Only not as messy, and fattening, and greasy and ok, not like butter at all, but nice to knit with anyway.

weezalana said...

No, no, no dear. You're mistaken. That Luxe Merino Fine was screaming *my* name. So just go on an pop it in the mail to me. ;)

Jackie's Stitches said...

When I was at Stitches South I picked up some Pashmina and Miss Babs too. If the other 2 yarns would have been there, I'm certain they would have come home with me too. I'm not a designer so I don't have that excuse for my excessive purchases but it WAS Stitches South!