Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stitches West Fun!!!

Such an exciting weekend, I don't really know where to start. I have so much to share, but until I have a bit more time (and sleep!) to compose a more thorough post, here is a snapshot of the weekend!

IGK fun!
The Ravelry Party....yes, I brought some Irishgirlie fun and Susie, Mark, and Erica of Kollage Yarns induldged me in the fun!! 

A life-size poster of the most gorgeous model ever! Thank you Thayer!! And because I know you might ask, yes, that is her gorgeous Blair sweater from Twist Collective that she is wearing.

And so many friends stopped by the meet-and-greets to say hi and show their support! I love you guys!! Thank you!!




Rav Friends

There are more pictures...just couldn't load them all tonight!

My mom and a dear family friend came too!  My mom was a trooper and came both days, and so did my sister!! Eek...Where are those pictures?! 

There are knitters everywhere at Stitches and it was such a great time to meet up with all of our local friends!


Disco enjoys a cupcake break (hey, look at her super-cute tote bag!)!

Oh, and yarn.  There was lots and lots of yarn.

More about the yarn later, but ummm...I may have made multiple purchases from Sunshine Yarns.  I think one every day!

The post-Stitches hangout at The Hilton Bar....where we had a fabulous time with Lew!

A whole bunch of love.
And these ladies....well, they know how much I love them!  Seriously.  I am blessed.

Trust me, plenty of more pictures, yarn, and things to share from Stitches! 

Thank you again for everyone who stopped by the Kollage Yarns booth to say hi!  I so appreciated it!

And a little thank you IGK pattern sale going on through Tuesday! All of my individually-sold patterns available here on the blog or at Ravelry are 20% off!  Thank you again!

Happy Stitches!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Jen said...

Looks like another great Stitches! I enjoyed everyone tweets from this weekend. Made me feel like I was there! :)

Caffeine Girl said...

That looks like so much fun. Maybe I'll get to meet you this summer at Stitches Midwest?

Rani said...

I have yet to be so lucky to attend a Stitches West, East or anywhere! sigh. Look at all the yarn. Thout shall not be tempted. But the colors . . . oh, the colors.

You seem to be having a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing!

Kaye said...

Holy crap! I spotted Cpurl and Left Coast Knitter! FUN!

Zonda said...

What fun! Sunshine yarns IRL, WOW, no wonder you went back each day ;) Cpurl!! One day maybe I can attend ;) fingers crossed. BTW, where does one purchase one of those tote bags!!

Scrabblequeen said...

I'm so sad I forgot to take a photo with you this year! I bought that scarf, you know the beautiful one in the picture with you and the lovely model? I was planning to get your autograph (I'm such a groupie) but my timing stunk, as you were giving a talk at that time....sigh.

Audry said...

I totally meant to come over and say hi, but I seemed to have gotten the Stitches blindness. I was distracted by fiber. Perhaps I will make it over next year.

thayer said...

That's such a great picture of us! Yay! :D