Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gratitude List #4

I hope you all had a great week.  I had a very, very busy one at work, a very exciting one for IGK, and an awesome, although too short, weekend.   A perfect way to wind down this weekend is to share my gratitude list for the week.

Things I am grateful for....

36. Days where I can sleep in.

37. Cherries from the farmer's market.


38. Having three healthy salads made for the week ahead.

39. Having my gym bag packed and all ready to go for tomorrow after work.

40. Knitting time at the carnival Friday night.  That's a ferris wheel in the background.  No way was I going on that thing.  Those traveling carnivals are a bit questionable to me...


41. Sunny, sunny days!  Yay! Finally.  Even if it was only 71 degrees, it sure was nice to have a sunny day today in the bay area.

42. Doggies that jump right up on the chair waiting for doggie scritches when I come home.

hi doggies

43. Crazy work week being done.  Just one more IEP this week!! Schedules for staff and kiddos for the summer are done!  Late nights of report writing are done..well, at least until September.

44. Releasing 4 new patterns this week!  Some were done months ago, but it definitely was a fun IGK week!

45. Finishing another project.  Soaking and blocking is the fun part!

all done

46. Bones. I've now caught up on Seasons 1-5! Shh!!! Don't spoil this season..I haven't seen it yet.

47.  Summer Wind being selected for our next Irishgirlieknits Group KAL!  Which means I'm extending the 20% off pattern with the coupon: happysummer until Wed., June 15.

48. Disco. She is an amazing super speedy test knitter and bestest knitting sister ever! Love you Disco and so grateful for you this week!

49. Being able to cast on a new project this week!

50. Cupcakes.  Specifically, Oreo Chocolate, Lemon Basil Blueberry, and Peanut Butter Banana. Yum!


What have you been grateful for this week?  I'm looking forward to reading.  I think this has become one of my favorite topics to blog about and to read the comments on.

Thanks everyone!
Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Lorajean Kelley said...

I've started a little gratitude journal for the end of the day. It's nice to remember the positives, it helps get rid of the grumps!

I'm thankful for Oma's that love my little boys. I'm grateful for going on walks in light june rain. I'm grateful for our backyard that little boys can go play in. I'm thankful for a husband that cooks dinner!

Discoknits said...

Aaah, bless you :0) I made peanut butter banana cupcakes on Saturday. They were the yum. Also made black & blue berry cupcakes. They were described by one person as best. ever. cupcake! I just blocked my own Seamus - just in time for the 95 degree heat. Glad you can get some r&r time in now. I'll look forward to your summer book reports :0)

Renee Anne said...

Wait, wait, wait....wait, wait! Just a second here...

You teach special education?

Your rank in the "coolness" factor just went up exponentially.

Susan Moskwa said...

Oooh, Rainier cherries, my favorite!

dianne said...

Mmmm, cupcakes! I might need to make some today :-) Especially those Oreo ones. That could be fun to figure out. And honestly, that's what I'm thankful for, that I have the ability to be able to do that.

I just printed out Summer Wind. I'm leaning toward using some Tosh Merino Light that I have in the stash. I admit that it helps that it's already wound :-)

thayer said...

Where are the cupcakes from? :o

Caffeine Girl said...

Cupcakes are definitely something to be grateful for!

I saw the term "IEP" is this post. I didn't realize you were a special ed teacher! I am, too! As is my best friend, who lives in Berkeley!

Daphne said...

Every day I'm so grateful for the kindness of strangers!