Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sexy Socks!

Wow! The past two days of Sock Summit have been awesome, inspiring, exhausting, and so much fun!  I wanted to share a few pictures from the class that I taught yesterday, Dead Sexy Heels.  My students were great and really seemed to embrace the dead sexy heels concept! Check out these socks....



Look at these engaged knitters!


A few even wore their IGK socks!

Kristine's Cotty socks

Mary Ann's Sweet Home socks in STR Irishgirlie Green

Dana and Mary Ann are the awesome daughter and mom team that I've gotten to know in our Irishgirlieknits Group on Ravelry. So nice to meet them finally!




And it was so nice to see Stacy again!


I can't say enough how absolutely wonderful this experience has been. Tina and Steph have really wanted to create a supportive community for new teachers and they have far exceeded what I would have expected! All of the teachers have been so incredibly encouraging. I can't thank them enough for putting their faith in me and giving me this opportunity!

Okay, must to bed. Tomorrow more pictures!

Oh, and the yarn in the MarketPlace. Wow. Wow. Wow. Hope my wallet can survive the next two days!

Happy Sock Summit!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

Looks like you had a full class :) Enjoy the rest of your time!

Discoknits said...

Wow at the sock in the 2nd photo - now THAT will make a sexy heel :0)
Well done Carrie, you are one of the nicest people in the knitting world and deserve all these good things.
Are you taking any classes? Do tell us about them #livingvicariously

Jen said...

Looks like your class was awesome! Glad you are having a great time. See ya later today! :)

SpinningLara said...

It looks like everyone is having such fun in your class! Someday I hope to make it to Sock Summit and take one of your classes :)