Thursday, December 1, 2011

5 years!

Kind of crazy that I've been blogging now for 5 years!  Who could have thought that it would have led to an amazing group of friends and a budding designing career!  I know I couldn't have.

So for the next week or so, we're going to do 5 fun things.  I haven't thought of all of them yet, but I'm pretty sure you guys will enjoy them.

First up, the newly reformatted Freestyle Snowboarder Hat


My first pattern that I offered for sale is now shiny and pretty, and definitely written a bit clearer!  Just in time for winter!

Freestyle Snowboarder Cover

It was perfect timing that Jill was able to reformat this.  Thank you Jill!  Speaking of Jill, aka Knitterella, did you guys see that the Yarn Harlot gave a huge shout out today about Jill's knitting gift tags?  They were featured as one of the gifts for knitters.

Okay.  Back to the pattern.  I love the striped version of this. Look how little Lil' guy looks!

lil guy's snowboarder

I still love how the decreases work too.


When I was reformatting the pattern, I knit another one for Lil' Guy in Kollage Yarns Fantastic (seriously, that yarn is fantastic!).

Cutest snowboarder ever

Freestylin' lil guy


I think I may knit a few of these for gifts. Well, that is once I start my holiday knitting.  It is only Dec. 1, right? I love the striped version and have quite a few leftovers around here that will work!

Back to the blogiversary fun....

From now until the end of Friday, Dec. 2 (11:59pm PST), The Freestyle Snowboarder Hat will be offered for $3.00!  One day to score a deal on an easy holiday gift knit.   

I'll probably offer another pattern or two for a special, one-day 50% off price....any you'd like to see featured, let me know.  Plus, we'll do some contests!

A blogiversary week of fun!  Thank you guys! I wouldn't be here without you.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Happy blogiversary! Looks like it's party all week here. We're here to help you celebrate. 5 is a milestone!

Discoknits said...

I have yarn set out to start this hat, just as soon as I finish my secret knitting :0) Black and brown, to match Hubb's ski coat. Think I can finish it in time for Christmas mailing?
Congrats on 5 years :0)

cockeyed said...

Happy blogiversary! How long have we known each other? Maybe 5 years.....? Congrats!!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary! So many lovely designs from you since then too. Hope you have a lovely celebration!

Mya said...

A very happy blogiversary to you! And I'm pretty excited about knitting hats this Christmas so thanks for the deal on your pattern. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats, 5 years is an accomplishment! :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Wow...five years! I think I met you on your first Blogiversary!! So glad you're still here. :-)