Sunday, July 8, 2012

Before and After

This week of vacation just flew by.  Though the wedding was the big day, there was plenty going on before and after that this week.

Last Saturday, my sister and I drove up to Santa Rosa to do her final dress fitting.  Technically, she drove, and I knit, knit, knit.  I had cast on my shawl Friday evening.  It grew as we went over the Golden Gate Bridge.


The yarn is the lovely Anzula Cloud, and it is heavenly, and available at WEBS (shouldn't have clicked on that link...such pretty colors!).  My first time using it and it won't be my last!  The shawl grew some more as I watched the Olympic Trials.  I can't wait for the Olympics! Just. Can't. Wait!!


I think this is where I stopped Sunday evening, after a marathon of watching the BBC show, Spooks, or on Netflix, it is called MI-5.


Wow! Love this show, although the way they kill off some of their main characters is heartbreaking!  I would not have finished this shawl if it weren't for Seasons 1-3!

Monday was mani-pedis!  My sister was happy and calm and if the wedding went anything like Monday and the rehearsal dinner, we knew it would be a good day.  And it was!


No need for a picture of all the furious knitting that happened Monday, in between rehearsal dinner and sleeping for a few hours.

Fast forward to 4th of July....after sleeping in..yay!!!  A bunch of us got together for a BBQ to send off Thayer as she is getting married and moving to Australia!!!!!!  So excited for her, but so so sad to see her go.


Yeap, I still have wedding hair in that picture :)

Alexis is jamming on her Honey Bunches!  Have you started yours yet?


Sangria, peach cobbler, and knitting.  My kind of BBQ!


This morning we said goodbye to the beach, headed to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and now I'm home in my own bed.  Awwww.....

How was your weekend?  Anything new on the needles?

Oh, and if you have a chance, Peppermint Mocha Mama is celebrating her 2nd Blogiversary and there is a contest with pattern prizes from me!  Stop by and read her lovely blog and enter to win :)

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Renee Anne said... if Thayer is moving to Australia, you're going to need a new model for your knitting. And I'm moving to the Bay and will be available.

Okay, I'm kidding about the modeling part.

The shawl looks (looked?) lovely and your sister seems to have been a lot like I was when I got married. Pretty calm, let things come and go, and that was that.

It's just fabulous all around :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome vacation! We watched the trials too and they got me so excited for the Olympics.

Zonda said...

What a busy few weeks you've had! So glad you got to finish both shawls in time too :) Good news for Thayer, I know you'll miss your model a lot!! I'm up to season 10 of MI-5 and still can't used to who dies when!! In fact, about to go start on another episode.

ellenbrittain said...

Congratulations to Thayer on her wedding. As beautiful as she is when modeling for you, i'm sure she'll be a gorgeous bride. And a Cubs fan to boot!! Awesome! More fantastic designs to knit. Where do you come up with these!