Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Making

I love that the holidays linger and the celebrating continues during the week after Christmas! All the shopping, present wrapping and baking are done. Just time for spending time with family, friends, and relaxing!


Well, there was some baking Christmas morning. But that was because it was a relaxing morning. I've been wanting to make scones all holiday season and was so glad to finally have time to.


The cranberry orange muffins were delish too!

I'll admit, initially, I was a little bummed to have to go to my last radiation appointment the day after Christmas.

The lovely tree in the lobby.

But I'm so grateful to be done and the best present ever was the good news from my doctor that I've had "a complete response to treatment." Yay! Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts and prayers. Other than being really tired and having a very itchy head, I'm feeling so much better too!


We celebrated in the city Friday by seeing the Beauty and the Beast musical, dinner, and a bit of shopping! Perfect day.


Then Saturday morning we watched the Irish beat Rutgers in their bowl game! Go Irish!!!


Go Irish
More scones and my new David's Tea teapot and cups from their Boxing Day sale! Too cute, right? And both for $15?! Love it!

We had an Irish breakfast too. One of my nurses told me about  Food Ireland and so glad she did!

There hasn't been too much knitting this holiday season. The one pair of Toasties I knit for a teacher I forgot to take a picture of?! Of course, this little hat for Magpie is my favorite knit of the season!



Mrs. Claus is in the background admiring this cutie!


I do have a little something sparkly on the needles. And each row I knit, I'm grateful for my sample knitter Tracey who is knitting the real thing instead of me! I'm the slowest knitter I know lately :(

Have any of you started your selfish knitting for yourself yet? Or are you finishing up any presents? If you haven't already taken advantage of my holiday sale, you still have time. Receive 20% off any IGK pattern $6 or less (including my new Alpine Lake and Alpine Lake Socks which are already on sale) with the coupon code: happyholidays

Yesterday and today we are hanging out with Lil' Guy! Goodness he's cute!



I hope you all are having a very special end of the year!

Happy Everything!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Olivia said...

Ah! Beauty and the Beast! So good! (And an excellent way to celebrate!)

Marcy Doane said...

Congratulations for a positive outcome. Hope next year brings good health and happiness to you. Thanks for sharing with your blog readers!

Jane said...

Yay for the positive outcome! You have kept such a positive attitude and good spirit. The little babe is so sweet. Happy New Year.

gMarie said...

Oh this is the best news evah! Congrats to you and I love the certificate they gave you. Wishing you more healing. g

dianne said...

Congrats on your radiation completion! That's a major milestone crossed :-)

No selfish knitting for me yet. I got sucked in to making hats for Chandler's hockey team again. On the plus side I only have about a dozen of them to make this year! After that though I'm planning to make a couple sweaters for myself :-)

Ruth said...

So glad for the good ending to your year. Love the gratuitous doggy cuteness! Happy New Year!

Renee Anne said...


elns said...

I'm so glad your radiation is complete and it's such a positive outcome. Like everyone else, I'm rooting for you and wishing you a wonderful year. Happiness, health and love. All the best.

Anonymous said...

A bit late (way behind on the blog reading) but congratulations on the good news.