Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Post from the Anchorage Airport

I so needed this weekend. A quick weekend trip to Anchorage, Alaska to visit my guy was just what my heart and soul needed.


When I made this big leap of faith back in July, he was a big influence in my decision, and no matter where things end up, I'm forever grateful for that. But being back in Alaska, everything just seemed so perfect. I loved the rainy weather. Oh how this California girl misses it. The dark morning and early evenings. Of course, he jokes that I wouldn't love it in December, and he's probably right. But right now, when my head is killing me and the light doesn't help it, you know, I kinda love the vampire lifestyle :)


Look at that magical misty fog!


He cooked dinner Friday night, while I took care of snacks during the Notre Dame-USC game. Go Irish!!



Our drive today out on the Seward Highway to Chugach National Forest to see the glaciers was just beautiful!

Portage Glacier

Spencer Glacier



The Glacier from the Whittier side of the ONE-LANE TUNNEL....for 2 1/2 miles... under the glacier...with 5 safe houses....yeah...that freaked me out and I wanted to say, "But what if..." and he just said, "Save your scenarios. I don't want to hear them, even when we are out of the tunnel." You what if there was an earthquake? A car accident? A nuclear war...are these the bunkers the president goes to??? What are in those safe houses?? Bezzie....tell me about this tunnel thing??? Ok, I just did a little research, but I'm sure Bezzie has more info for us :)

And a new hat I designed Friday morning....



I don't regret not moving to Alaska, although long-distance hasn't been ideal....he's moving back to the bay area soon though. But we both know we'll always have a plan B because we both love it here. And I can wear ALL. THE. HAND. KNITS.


Sorin and Aleyska.


Glaciers, hand knits, and a happy heart.

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Kaye said...

Lol. The tunnel was contructed in the 15 year period I wasn't here. So, hey, it's not your average rickety outdated Lower 48 infrastructure you always hear about! I think you'd like December. December is when we start gaining light again!

mudmaven said...

I absolutely love that trip from Anchorage to Seward in spite of all things that might go awry! Gorgeous scenery, lovely fresh air, water, birds, wildlife, glaciers - what could be better! ~chris

Discoknits said...

Beautiful pics Carrie; the hand-knits and the scenery. We have been driving on some interesting one-lane roads in the countryside around us, but at least the sky is our roof--the tunnel sounds daunting. Big hugs, disco xoxo

FiberJewels said...

We take the RV to Portage Glacier often in the summer. It is our favorite place; but we've never been through "the tunnel".

Your inner-vampire would not enjoy Alaska in the summer! The thing I miss the most about living in the lower48 is waking up with the sun. Our bedroom has room darkening shades so it is always dark - all four seasons.

LOVE the hat!

Renee Anne said...

Oh, a new hat to knit.....maybe.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

A wonderful hat and some great photos of Alaska - what a neat post. Thank You!!