Sunday, January 15, 2017


Taking a few moments to share and reflect on all the lovely things that have been happening this past week.  



Yes. I sent Knitterella, my graphic designer extraordinaire, my first pattern of 2017. It felt incredible to be able to have the focus to sit down and write a knitting pattern.                



Technically, I'm listening to and reading this one. My only regret is not discovering Brene Brown's work sooner. But I'm not sure I would have appreciated it the same way.


She Reads Truth. The just enough bible study I was looking for last year and it has been nice to get back to my daily readings when I can. Peace and calm is something I'm focusing on this year, so this quote was exactly what I needed this week.



Cows. I love that my new town feels like it is just on the edge of suburbia/city life. I see cows everyday. And I love it. It brings a smile to my face. I hope I say that in the summer when I'm sure it smells a bit too.



Fresh flowers. These beauties from Trader Joe's have lasted all week and I'm so glad that I've started filling my home with a few fresh stems.



Isn't it a lovely way of knowing you're in the right place, when you walk into your favorite local coffee shop, and your local yarn store owner is hanging out knitting with her friends?! Today was just a lovely afternoon where I felt like I was where I belonged. And, I didn't know such a ginormous pompom maker existed, so I'll be stopping into Knitique sometime soon to get me one (yep, they ship too).

{listening to}

Lauren Daigle, love her entire album, but this song has been my anthem this week



Myself. Easier said than done, but loving and taking care of myself is my number one priority this year.




I'd love to hear what has been happening with you. What are you loving, reading, listening to, knitting? Here's to a great week ahead.

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

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Renee Anne said...

Seriously, you're TWO HOURS away now. And that just sucks.

I'm working on getting my destash in order (which is pretty much done) and getting my stash in order (which is not even close). And not strangling my children, of course.