Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good things.

1. Fresh flowers. I try to buy them as often as I can when I know I'll be home to enjoy them. My rule of thumb, under $10. Mostly thanks to Trader Joe's :)


2. Reading. Actual books. It has been awhile, but with summer upon us, I've been making more time to sit and read. My current faves.


3. The love of a doggy. Our sweet Puddles went to heaven two weeks ago. It happened suddenly. Her heart was literally too big. Oh, I miss her so. And so does Pa and Bailey. But we were blessed with that sweet girl for 12 years. I never, ever, ever thought I was a dog person until these sweet doggies entered my life. I'm misty-eyed now just thinking about how she was always the first to greet me at the door (Bailey is a bit too, um...lazy, dare I say?! ha.). You guys were awesome with your love and prayers on IG and FB. Thank you. But, dear Puddy filled this blog with her sweet little eyelashes and tongue, so I had to share a few more pics. My heart.


 And for a trip down memory lane, here's all the posts with Puddles in them...oh my sweet girl.

4. Designing. And seeing you guys knit the things I design. I've released another hat pattern, Chugach. Remember, the glaciers and that crazy 2 mile tunnel in Alaska?!  Finally that hat pattern is done. Next up. The matching mitts.

When my fabulous friend, knitter, model, and graphic designer, Knitterella shared her picture of her finished Chugach this week, I thought, heck let's have a sale! So grab the pattern now for $3 til tomorrow night! Jill is such a talented designer, I have to say I'm honored and flattered that she still enjoys knitting my patterns once in awhile :)


And Sarah of the Plucky Knitter shared the sneak peek of her June Classics in my Steward Hat pattern so I couldn't help but put that on sale for the month of June too! I'm so blessed to be part of this awesome, support knitting community!! Sarah is celebrating her 10-year anniversary sale this weekend so grab a skein and cast on!


5. Quiet. I'm craving it so much lately. The peace and quiet and solitude. Whether it is the quiet of my morning swims, the silence of my mind while I'm journaling, or meditating or praying, I find myself anxious if I don't get enough of it during the day. I've been listening to Shauna Niequist's Present over Perfect (LOVE!) and here are a few quotes that I just loved from the book. So many.



6. Cooking. New recipes too.


Blueberry Crisp


Summer Salad

Any new easy recipes you've guys recommend for all the lovely summer fruits and veggies at the farmer's market?

7. A lovely weekend with Pa and Bailey Boo, in my town :)


8. Casting on new things. Simple garter stitch of Cobh.


Hope your weekend is filled with good things too.

With love and gratitude xoxo
Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your sweet dog passing on. Thanks for sharing a few more pictures..

I would add to your list, a wonderful road trip to the Bay Area, complete with sunny days in San Francisco, and finding a darling pattern written by you at Monarch Yarns in Pacific Grove.

Alexa-asimplelife said...

Stumbled on your blog.
I so love your flowers would be plain without them wouldn't it :)

So sorry about the sudden passing of your beloved dog. They all look so gorgeous and have wormed their way deep into your hearts.

Visiting from Sydney, Austalia

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I hope you are doing well!

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