Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stitches Recovery!

Stitches was AMAZING! I would have posted about it sooner, but, unfortunately, life happens, and gets in the way sometimes.

I've decided to not post all the pictures of my Stitches goodies all at once (for fear it would be used as evidence as to why we have chosen an inappropriate name for our blog...some might say??). Instead, I'll show you some of my favorites a little at a time! First, Pashyknits inspired me to splurge (well, and the discount from Knitting Arts sure did help) and get the Tilli Tomas yarn to make Sahara! So pretty!

Yummy green!! Look at the sparkly beads too! Love it!

100% silk. Enough said.

Next up, Blue Moon. We were there right away Friday morning. I was there again first thing Saturday morning (just in case I missed something, right?). I just love their yarns and their colors. Can't help it. Wish they had more mediumweight Socks That Rock yarn, but it was probably better for my budget. Again, Pashy pulled me away from the STR to show me the gorgeous wrap made out of Bambu! I just had to get it!

The colorway is SPRING FLING! Love it!

Seriously, it was hard to resist buying more of this stuff! Gorgeous!!!

Wait, that's it? No Socks That Rock picture? Huh? Don't worry. Those pictures will be coming. Its just that well, umm....that could definately be used as evidence against me. However, I justify it as birthday money, right??? I did finish my sock and I'm halfway done with the second so that encouraged me to go a little "crazy"! Plus, did you see that scarf that you can make from the STR??? And the log cabin blankets?? The question is, how many skeins of Socks that Rock do you think I bought? hmmmmm........

Now that Stitches is over, I have officially entered into a Recovery Program for a little while. Don't worry, I have my wonderful secret pal and some swaps that will keep me going for a bit. Its just that I need to rediscover my stash. Rowan and I want to go back to Europe sometime in the near future (imagine the Stash Acquisition then!!) and it'll never quite happen if I keep up all this yarn purchasing. So Stitches was my last hurrah for a long while! Don't worry. I've set up a few reinforcers for me (e.g., for every five skeins of STR I use, I can get another; for every four sweaters I make, I can order yarn for another). PASHYKNITS.....STOP LAUGHING!! You need to be supportive Rowan says!! Rowan is my little sister by the way! More to come about her in the future. She wants me to post my Knit from my Stash Rules officially (and she wants them posted on the fridge too!). She's serious! We'll see!

Trust me, after you guess how many skeins of Socks That Rock, you'll see why! Stitches was a blast! Hope everyone is having a good week!! xoxox Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

STR...STR... hehe one wonders just how many you did get! What you've shown is just gorgeous! I wanna see the rest! :)

Disco said...

You chose such beautiful colours - the green is amazing. And the bambu looks like ice-cream. Very nice.
Have fun knitting that all up.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Hee, I almost bought the same color in Bambu when I was at Stitches West, but I was good and didn't wander too much out of my budget. Besides I already have 2 skeins of this yummy soft stuff I need to knit up!