Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Wednesday!

So another WIP Wednesday. I thought I would have Bailey and Puddles help out :)

Bailey seems to like Rowan's Gryffindor sock. I'm almost done with the first sock. I know I need to hurry up (seriously, Rowan gives me the evil eye now anytime she sees me knitting something else. Sisters.).

Puddles is posing with my Sockapalooza Pal sock! I was getting a bit worried about not casting on yet so I did. I would have finished this sock, except Rowan's evil eyes and murmurings ("Is that a new sock?") guilted me into picking up the Gryffindor sock. I really wanted these to be monkeys, but instead I'm trying BFF socks (another Cookie A. pattern).

I'm using Socks that Rock Love-in-Idleness. First time I'm using the lightweight yarn. I love the mediumweight, but enjoy this weight too. I'm just about to turn the heel.

WIP Wednesdays have been motivating me to finish things up or work on a project and make some progress. However, there are still a few WIPs out there that remain exactly the same - Dreamswatch, Tomato, and casting on the mate to my Monkey sock. There's always next week!

Happy Knitting! xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Stacey said...

What a cute doggie! :) I really love your socks...I need to try out a Cookie pattern for myself, they are all so gorgeous.

Disco said...


Your doggies are seriously cute.


tapmouse said...

You know, WHY I don't have Love in Idleness I don't know, because it is such an awesome colorway! LOVE the BFF socks!

Heathermione said...

Nice to see doggies with good taste in knitting! :)