Thursday, April 14, 2011

I promised.

Knitting content.  Crazy, huh?  We certainly have some catching up to do.  So here goes.

1. Toast.  I changed it up from my gazillion pairs of Toasties and skipped the thumb hole.  I wanted something super, super easy to knit on during movies or when I couldn't work on secret knitting.


The awesome mug is a gift from Erica! Love!

These were started back in January after the Plucky Knitter Event, and they were finished right before Sock Camp.  Goodness gracious!  Forever!  But then I did have a lot of secret knitting in February and March.  And I must say something about Sarah's cashmere yarns.  Heavenly! I love love love her cashmere and must cast on another project soon!

2.  Speaking of secret knitting, did you all see the new shipment from the Rockin' Sock Club?!  Not only does it feature an awesome pattern by our favorite Neuroknitter, but it also featured my new pattern, Merry Socksters

I snapped a few quick photos before I sent the sample off to the Depraved Dyer!




The brightly colored yarn was named Electric Koolaid Acid Test, and it definitely needed an easy-to-knit pattern that could stand out against the bright colors.  The sample was knit in the large size, but when I was designing the pattern, I just had to first knit it up in the medium size because that is usually where I get to see that pretty striping that I just love with STR!  Here's another look but in the Cattywampus colorway.


And of course, I need to knit myself a pair now!  I thought I'd make a bit more progress at both sock camp and Disneyland, but um....I didn't! 

Overlooking New Orleans Square.

Going for a ride on the teacups.

I can't believe I forgot to pull the sock out during our princess breakfast!  Oh well!  Merry Socksters is exclusive to the Rockin' Sock Club this year, but will be available to the general public in March 2012!  I was thrilled to be a designer again for this club that I have loved being a part of for the past 5 years!

3.  I would love to see Merry Socksters knit up in our new sock camp colorway, Mad Hatter.


But, alas, I'm on to my next design, so that won't be happening soon.

4.  I love this designing things, but I'm trying to figure out how I can do that, and knit all of the other fabulous patterns out there.  Like this.  Or the mystery sock that Knittinggolfer has designed for the Solid Socks Group on ravelry.  Or the Smocked Slouch Hat kit that I ordered from the Plucky Knitter.  Better yet, maybe I'd have time to jump into the first KAL in our Irishgirlieknits Group on Ravelry for Sweet Home (I'm hoping too! Oh, and Sweet Home is on sale until the end of April for $4.)!  I might join in the Sunshine Yarnies Lace KAL as well!  A few in the group are planning to knit Cotty socks (hint hint: coupon code: sunshine for 20% off Cotty through April 17) and I have the perfect skein to knit...

Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sport, colorway Patronus

Oh, so many patterns, so little time..

So what do you all have on your needles? What are you wishing for more time to cast on? Do tell....

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Ricki Kelly said...

I love your blog, and I follow you on twitter! I don't know how you did it knitting on the Disneyland teacups!! Currently, on my needles is a norweigen (spelling?) mitten pattern from ravelry- La Joie du Printemps. I told my sister this pass Christmas I would make her and her three little girls I would spin and knit them something. She thinks they're all getting hooded scarves, little does she know my knitting attention span is very short, and I have yet to find an interesting pattern for hooded scarves for adults or children. I would come up with a pattern myself, but my handspun yarn is very precious to me! Lol

- Ricki Kelly
Via Ricki Kelly Studio on Etsy

Discoknits said...


dianne said...

Your pics of Merry Socksters really shows it off well. I really love it in Cattywampus and I haven't used mine yet. Hmmm... I really need more time to knit. I have too much on my needlesand I'm itching to CO many of the same things you are, plus Anne Hanson's Sprossling!

Helen in Switzerland said...

Cool socks! Love the psychadelic ones!
Right now I have Lenora on the needles - that's the Three Irish Girls pattern of the month - and I'm knitting it in seaweed yarn (which doesn't smell - promise) in colorway Grace Kelly, which is kind of sophisticated and understated. I still can't get my head round the fact I'm knitting with seaweed though...

Channon said...

Like those socks that say "Spring has sprung!".

gMarie said...

lovely socks and beautiful patterns. Right now - I'm knitting cotty in chocolate covered raspberries and a pea green cardigan. But I bought Staccato last night in a fabulous Easter colorway and I want to start Honey Dew right now! g

Renee Anne said...

I have far too many WIPs on needles right now. And I have cast-on-itis again :( Oh, aside from the fact that I want to start the Sweet Home socks, too...I want to make another sweater, more hats and scarves, stuff for my Little Man...and then there are things that are actually on my needles. I have two shawls going, a hat, my socks, and other things going on. Hrm. And I keep ordering yarn from various places. ::sigh::

Susie said...

Love this sock pattern!

Anonymous said...

where did erica find that mug!?!? i love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

ooops sorry my email is

Jean said...

I was reading your last post on Disneyland, I live just a few minutes from there, it's a fun place to visit, I even have family that work there.