Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Stitches

Courtesy of the pictures on the iPad, courtesy of a tired girlie.

My first purchase from my favorite LYS, A Verb for Keeping Warm. Lace weight?! this is going to be fun, I think!

Treats for my IGK meet & greet at Knitted Wit's booth. So nice to meet a few of you and help Marcy pick out pretty pretty sweater yarn!

The wonderful Anna Zilboorg was doing a book signing in the Blue Moon booth. She also shared with us some of her new designs that incorporate embroidery and they are stunning! And that is the awesome Debbi standing next to Anna....I heart her to bits!

My favorite purchase of the day were these gorgeous earrings by Romi!

My favorite tip of the day...the awesome Carson Demers showing me the proper way to walk with one crutch. My knee will be sooooo much happier thanks to him! Thank you Carson!

One more day of fun! I promise to share a bit more when I'm not exhausted :)

Happy Stitches!!
Xoxo Carrie


Discoknits said...

Love those ear-rings. You get to hang with the best :0)

dianne said...

I heart those earrings too!