Monday, May 7, 2007

73 Days and Counting

to make Rowan her Gryffindor socks!
The perfect yarn arrived today from Wool Girl! It just might be my new favorite online store for sock yarns (and other pretty yarns too!). The yarn is Vancalcar Acres Flock Sock, in the color Gryffindor. One skein is enough for one pair of socks. We got two just in case I was crazy enough to make me a pair :) The Wool Girl blog said that they will soon be getting all the house colors in (yeah!!!). Thanks Zonda for pointing this yarn out to me, and directing me to Wool Girl! Seriously, look how cute the packaging was!!
Well, and since Rowan was buying the yarn, I told her we should probably try some other yarns too (silly to pay for shipping for just two skeins of Harry Potter yarn!).
Oh my goodness. The top yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Superwash Merino Yarn in the color, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. The yarn is soooooooo soft!! Rowan claimed it, but I'm hoping she will soon forget about this one. The bottom yarn is Lazy Perry Ranch Sport Weight Yarn in the color Pink and Brown (definately some of my favorite colors lately). This yarn is 100% 3 ply Blue faced Leicester Wool, so it is not as soft as the merino yarn (but maybe it will soften up a bit once rinsed). The colors are absolutely perfect though!
Other than my Socks that Rock, I don't think I've ever ordered sock yarn online before (never sure its going to be soft enough, the right colors, etc.). But wow! This was sooooooo much fun!
Oh, and the blanket that rocks is just about done. One border stip left!! Should be done tonight! Pictures tomorrow!!!!
Happy Sockapalooza! xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

AWESOME SOCKS!!! Can't wait to wear them! you can visit for a countdown to the movie, book, and Harry Potter knitting! I can support HP knitting : )
Rowan Gryffindor

Discoknits said...

Not a HP fan I'm afraid, but a BIG fan of the pink and brown. that yarn is just about the prettiest i've seen. Enjoy knitting it up. It looks like ice-cream.

cpurl17 said...

That Zonda is a great enabler!!

Love the pink and brown too. In fact, I'm having major envy right now and must hide my credit card...

Jessica said...

Wow. You are going to have some rockin socks! I love all of the colors you chose. :D

Zonda said...

Gah!! 73 days!! I'm knitting with fingering weight girl!! I'm almost at the heel of toe/up for daughter. Still have my Ravenclaws to do!

Yeah..I enable everyone, 'specially those that enable me *heh Cpurl*! (me who got a certain Stormy Weather colorway 'cause of her! ;)