Friday, May 18, 2007

Chin Up Old Girl! (and an itty bitty contest!)

Chin up Old Girl is right! Well said Disco! That's the motto for the weekend around here at La Casa de Irishgirlie! Seriously, Rowan and I have survived an emotionally and physically exhausting week with my mom in the hospital. She went home today, sort of. We'll see if she's okay. All I know is that I have the weekend FREE (My brother and aunt are on mom duty)! Snowboarder is taking me out to dinner in a few minutes, then that's all I have planned. Well, except for the following: sleep, knit, watch tv, knit, maybe go to the gym, oh and get a pedicure (I can knit while I do that too!). Rowan and Snowboarder will both be gone for the rest of the weekend too, so doing the above things should be quite easy!

Oh, and yes, you read it correctly. A little thank you contest too. Read on for details.

So, you know its been a bad week when there hasn't been much knitting going on. Usually when I'm stressed, I knit. So tired this week, couldn't really knit. Just vegged on the knit blogs a bit and watched some tv. But here's what I have on the needles.

Tomato!! This is my little surprise. I actually started this way back during the Blanket that Rocks! I needed some motivation to help me finish the blanket, so I thought if I cast on something new, that might help. I started this right before Turtlegirl started her's (and wow! did she finish her's super quick!). So I'm just now really getting into starting it now that the blankets done.

And, right when the bad stuff started last week, PashyKnits and I decided to buy some fancy Artyarns silk to make a dreamswatch. I was inspired by Disco's and Jessica's. I started this in the emergency room. Got to love Rowan. She immediately picked up the phone and called Pashy and gave her a bit of hell (hehehe) for interrupting the start of her Harry Potter socks!!
The conversation went a little something like this:

Rowan: What's that you are working on?
Me: Its a dreamswatch. P and I picked it out last night.
Rowan: What!?! (grabs phone and calls PashyKnits on the phone) Pashy, what is this
dreamy thing Karabella is working on?! She's supposed to be working on my Harry
Potter socks!

I love you Rowan! Pashy thought it was funny cause she knew we were at the emergency room and Rowan called from my phone, so she was all ready to be supportive...and then she gets silly Rowan talking about yarn!!

So, now on to the contest!!! Last week, I stopped by Purlescence Yarns and as some of you remember, I made a little purchase. Here's what I got (well, not ALL of it of course, but essentially most of it). Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu. Pashy, pick which color you want, because then one is being swapped to LittleMy, and the other is going to one of our lovely readers!! I just wanted to send a big thank you to you guys for all the hugs and nice comments, PMs, etc. this past week. And in the spirt of Chin up, why not have a contest!!

Details: Sunday night, when Rowan gets home from the airport, we'll pick one lucky winner from a drawing to win a skein of Bambu. There are two ways to be entered in the drawing. You can be entered one time for just leaving a comment on this post (or tomorrow's or Sunday's if I have any) (one entry for a comment over the entire weekend basically). The other way is to leave a question that you have for me (Irishgirlieknits) about you know, I guess anything (you can ask, doesn't mean I have to answer...hehehehe). We'll call it a getting to know me :) So if you leave a question, that's another entry :)

Oh, and if you are just one of my friend's lurking, still feel free to say hi and play. Rowan wants a contest that she could maybe win that doesn't involve yarn (she said she wanted to play too...I told her she had to leave a comment....and not one of those anonymous ones she keeps leaving!).

Bambu, colorway Tide Pool

Bambu, colorway Calypso

Thanks again!!! xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Unknown said...

#1 Comment! Does that mean an extra entry??? HAHA!

I love the Dream swatch. The colors are so pretty. And isn't it a great way to use a special skein. Love it!

Jessica said...

ooh. Bamboo. You lucky girl!

Here's a's the end all, now one knows the answer question...How do you know when you're really in love and it's going to last? Uh, bad night here... ;D

Jessica said...

oh yeah...Your dreamswatch if looking great! I love the colors you chose! :D

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that's some pretty stuff! I haven't seen that in person yet. Did they have it at MDSW? (And is that a question? Did I just ask 2 questions? Wait I think that's 3.)

Yay Tomato! Once you get past the increases it zooms right along.

cbknits80 said...

Love the dream swatch - that's such a great pattern. Here's a question for you, if you were on a deserted island what's one project and yarn you'd take with you?

Unknown said...

Oh my, I was just in Purlescence yesterday eyeing the Bambu. The cosmic gods must be trying to tell me something! Do you go to their knit nights on Thursdays?

amylin said...

So much niice yarn you got there.

Your New Home Awaits said...

Okay, you say contest so I completly delurk. I love love love your blanket that rocks.

I also can't wait to see how the new sweater looks, love the swatch.

Your New Home Awaits said...

Okay I do have a question. I just finished the itty bitty hats football helmet in the 2 yrs old size. I was on gauge and it is still huge. Did you think the smaller one was big? I haven't had that problem with the other hats in the book.

Zonda said...

Glad your Mom is doing better!!

Hehe, my last pedi, I was using brittany birches and one fell in the water! Ooops!

So do you knit with dpn's? (sorry question I know!;)

Ok, here's another, where did you get your knitting stamps you made my cards with?

and just cause I feel like being a pain to someone today (you're lucky aren't you) What yarn is your tomato in?

Zonda said...

Oh and the Dreamswatch is lovely! Nice colors! see..I didn't ask a question! ;)

Batty said...

Thank goodness your mom is doing better! I do have a question: what's that lovely yarn you're using for Dream Swatch? Maybe it says somewhere, but I find it difficult to concentrate when my eyes keep straying to the beautiful yarn...

cpurl17 said...

Lovely Dreamswatch! I was in in Purlesence last weekend fondling that very same yarn and it's dreamy too. One of these days we're bound to cross paths! I'm so glad your mother is better.

Here's a question for you: Who would you like to see in concert from the front row?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm delurking! Love your dream swatch, I never could quite get that pattern to work for me, my poor little brain couldn't work it's way around the pattern.

ikkinlala said...

I hope you're having a great weekend - your plans sound like fun, and it sounds like you need a break.

I love the colour you picked for Tomato.

I don't have a question in mind specifically for you, but I'll ask you the one I've been wondering about this evening: do you like thunderstorms?

SoapDoc said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. But glad she was well enough to make it home today. We all love them, but it's hard to have them not well, isn't it?

I am deathly jealous of your ability to visit Purlescence! I have been on their mailing list since before they opened -- and hope they DO start an online store sometime soon.

And the dreamswatch is looking lovely too. I must make one - thank you for the link!!

Hope you have a great, relaxing, knittterly weekend!

Discoknits said...

A neopolitan ice-cream dreamswatch - what could be better?! Yum-o.
Here are some questions for you :-)
Have you given your brother a blog name? If you haven't maybe you could do another competition, hehe.
What's your favourite food? Mine is Indian curry and I only have 4 days left til I can have some (drool).
Who are your heroes? (not necessarily famous)
I hope you're having a FUN, non-dramatic weekend.
big hugs, disco xxx

meowyblues said...

hope you've had a lovely, sunny weekend!

With so much pretty yarn, how do you decide what you're going to make next? Do you organize your stash? :)

Jessica said...

Hello again. I decided I should post an actual question. Not an I'm still buzzed and got in a fight with my bf question. Forgive me. ;D

Who put the bomp In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?