Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This Post May Not Be Suitable for All Audiences

Quick, cover your eyes! Yes! It is indeed, a HUGE hole in Dad's favorite Log Cabin Socks. A few weeks ago Rowan kept asking me everyday, "How's dad's second pair of socks coming along?" I had one done, and was working on the other, but a girl can only knit so fast when she has lots of other projects to work on. And then, dad admitted why he was so anxious for the second pair! These were a surprise Christmas gift for dad last year and he wears them around the house constantly (which includes the backyard a bit to get the dogs inside). So its no wonder this happened. Don't worry. I fixed them.

And luckily, I just finished the second, exact pair, tonight!

Dad is still recovering from his knee replacement surgery of two weeks ago. I joked to him that even though he is still wearing the socks, at least they are getting a rest and not so much wear and tear. To quote my dad, he said, "Never in the history of the universe, has a pair of socks ever worked so hard." Maybe it was the pain killers talking, but I laughed. He also said the next pair doesn't have to be fancy or anything.

WIP Wednesday Update! I'm enjoying Turtlegirl's idea. It really motivated me to finish these socks so that they wouldn't be a WIP this week. And I finished the baby vest for the upcoming baptism. Oh, by the way, my story...JUST LAST NIGHT....asked my sister and I to be godmother's on Saturday!! Seriously!! He said he thought he already asked us! Oh, brother!!

Back to WIP, no progress on the Dreamswatch, Tomato Sweater, Gryffindor socks, or the mate to my Monkey sock (but I loved Pashyknits Monkeys!). So I thought I'd drag out my "other" WIPs, but really, they are more like UFOs (hidden away, unfinished, not being worked on). I might pick up one soon though.

Here is my circular shrug in Tapestry. Its about 2/3 done. Its been this way since before Christmas.

Here's my second Clapotis. I love love love this. I pulled it out in the spring and got started on it again (initially started last year), but then it got put on the backburner again. The colors are sooo fall, hopefully I'll get to it this fall.

Hope to have some more FOs and WIP for next week! Happy Knitting! xoxox Irishgirlieknits


Jessica said...

Way to fix the holy sock! ;) Nice second pair also. I hope your dad feels better soon.

Nell said...

Great job on the socks!

And that clapotis is coming along very well.

tapmouse said...

I just got my first (and BIG) hole in one of my socks! I figure I have an excuse to learn how to fix it now, but I need to find the leftover yarn! BTW, your dad's socks are absolutely gorgeous!

Mango said...

Dad's socks are lovely! Do you mind sharing what yarn you used?