Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wimpy WIP Wednesday

For today's theme song, check out Turtlegirl's WiP song! That's going to be the coolest thing about this post. The rest will be just....well...
Wimpy because ... it's now 12:21 am on Thursday morning (but still Wednesday night...and I'll probably "fix" blogger to show that I posted on Wednesday, but it'll be cheating.).
Wimpy because.... I'm not even showing you my beloved Tomato sweater because it looks just like it did when I first posted (give or take a few rows).
Wimpy because... I haven't even finished my dreamswatch?!
Wimpy because... the chances of finishing said dreamswatch are looking slim because I seem to have lost one of the needles. How? Where? And which one? The one all the stitches were on...ugh! How does that happen!
Wimpy because... poor Rowan's Gryffindor socks aren't moving along too quickly (blame it on the Monkey's) but I'm still running over to Woolgirl because she just got more House colors in...yummy!
And finally..wimpy because...the most progress I made this week seems to be on the gray cable log cabin sock for dad and that's because all poor dad wants are more socks and I get distracted :) And I worked on these solely at the hospital while dad was getting his knee replacement surgery (at least this hospital visit has been planned!). He's recovering okay and will be in the hospital until Friday (its a pretty painful surgery). He is happy that I'm finally finishing up his socks!
Happy Wimpy WiP Wednesday (I mean Thursday!!)!! Happy Knitting! xoxoxo Irishgirlieknits


cpurl17 said...

I think I'd out-wimp you! I have 2 socks and an abandoned sweater in my pile.

Zonda said...

You can do it!!! *says me...ha! I'd Wimp both of ya out!! Anyday..I have Wimps that I'm not showing!

We just sometimes need a kick to get going is all! *here's yours, as I gotta pass it along! I got some yesterday and now today!! I love to share! ;)

Batty said...

I have this sweater that hasn't shown any progress for 4 weeks. You're not a wimp. You just need a project that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until you're done. Get thee to a yarn store!

Yes, I'm an enabler. Why do you want to know? : )

Anonymous said...

It's ok : )
They will all get done!

Nell said...

You're not a wimp! You'll get things done sooner or later.