Thursday, November 8, 2007

Let the Holiday Knitting Begin!

Here are the "Isn't Socktoberfest over?" socks. A pair of Thujas for a certain someone for Christmas. Things are going to get a bit tricky as I move into holiday knitting. I'll have to do some strategic planning of what I can post or not post. I know this person really only looks at the pictures!! And as much as I love these in Socks that Rock heavyweight (Stormy Weather), I think the certain recipient really wants thicker, wooly socks. He may just get two pairs for Christmas.

Hopefully I'll finish these tomorrow. I do have a little plane ride to Portland for shopping? Squee. I'm a happy girl just thinking about it!


I'll leave you with Socks that Rock, mediumweight, Hard Rock.

Hard Rock
Look at how the light pink blends perfectly into the gray.

Hard Rock
Love the pink!

Hard Rock STR

These socks will definately be for me! But probably not until after the holiday knitting. I'll just pet it for now :)

Thanks too for helping with the destash!! Have a rockin' weekend!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Yvonne said...

Oh, the pinks are beautiful, as are the socks. Enjoy the destash sale!

Jo said...

That yarn is gorgeous - I love the pink and silver.

sgeddes said...

I love the pink and greys! So pretty. Really worth waiting for.

Unknown said...

So jealous of your trip! There better be pictures so I can live vicariously!!!

cpurl17 said...

Aw man, I did NOT have to see that. Must stay away from credit's sooooooooo gorgeous though. Sigh

cpurl17 said...

Aw man, I did NOT have to see that. Must stay away from credit's sooooooooo gorgeous though. Sigh

hearthead said...

I'm so glad you're here now!!! Barn sale here we come!

Zonda said...

Nice socks!! Hard rock colorway..swoon! Have a super trip!!

Discoknits said...

Hope you are having an AWESOME trip. The Hard Rock is soooooo pretty. And your thujas are lookin' good. Someone's going to have toasty feet on Christmas morning :-)

Batty said...

That sock yarn is gorgeous! I'm usually not much of a pink person, but in that color combination... dreamy.

I know what you mean about figuring out what to post and what not to post. The recipients of my gifts all read my blog, I'm afraid, so there will be a lot of after the holidays pictures.

Wool Girl said...

How stunning! That's one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Hope the holiday knitting goes quickly so you can enjoy your pretty yarn.