Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happiness is...

.... being home.


.... a new pair of socks.


.... Bailey Boo.


.... special treats. (I may have skipped the po'boys and beignets, but the bread pudding was so worth it!)


.... discovering a new, natural sock model. That seems to even enjoy it?!


.... knowing you are loved.


Pattern: Dotty Socks

Yarn: BMFA STR mediumweight, colorway Rabia (mill end)

Needles: US 1.5

Notes: Used the x-small size to make these child size socks because my gauge was a bit bigger due to the mediumweight yarn. Also, instead of doing the pattern repeat 2x, did it just once in between each section. They fit her perfectly with a bit of room to grow!

It is good to be home.

Night night.
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Tammy said...

She looks absolutely pleased. :)

Caffeine Girl said...

Too cute!

Jo said...

What a great model - and the socks are beautiful :)

LaTina said...

She looks so happy with them! I love those! I can't believe I've never knitted socks. It's on my to-do list, though.

dianne said...

Seriously. Who wouldn't want to go home to those faces? She looks absolutely thrilled and in love!

SissySees said...

Great photos! Love your new sock model, and her assistant.

JelliDonut said...


Unknown said...

I love those socks, the colorway is beautiful! Adorable model!

Scrabblequeen said...

Isn't it wonderful to come home to those who love you? And nice to make something that is totally appreiciated, too? Welcome home!

Ps...I LOVE bread pudding.

Mya said...

Super cute and she looks so happy! Don't you love making things for people who can really appreciate them?

weezalana said...

How cute is she! Great socks!

piddleloop said...

this post is exactly what i requested to see more of!

lil snowboarder who is uber adorable (and has great taste in shoes)

the doggies

and awesome socks!

Angela said...

She is too cute! It's clear she loves her new socks--and why wouldn't she?!

Glad you treated yourself w/ the bread pudding. It's important that you make those tradeoffs so that you don't feel deprived all the time. Eventually, it gets easier, I promise!

cockeyed said...

ridiculously cute! and the socks ain't bad either!

Zonda said...

Definately a happy camper! Love the socks :)

Chris said...

What a happy face! We need more of that in this world.

tapmouse said...

Lil Snowboarder is so cute and the socks are adorable!