Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday!! I'm blogging from my hotel room in New Orleans, which may sound ooh-la-la fun, but really I'm tired! Here for work again, and probably one of my busier trips with back-to-back clients the entire time...minimal time for fun. I've been making blogposts in my here's a quick one.

1. In my quest for healthier eating, I'm pretty proud of myself here so far! No pictures of king cakes or pralines here. Airplane snacks that used to be cookies, crackers, etc. involved cheese sticks and almonds! Instead of my usual po'boys and sweet tea, I've had grilled shrimp salads. Delish!!! And suprisingly, the sweet tea...well, I had a little bit, but it was almost too sweet! Yay me! Now tomorrow's lunch is catered by John Besh's restaurant, so I will be enjoying it! Baby steps.

2. Thank you for all your nice comments on my Dotty socks! So far I've raised almost $60 in pattern sales for the upcoming Autism walk! Thank you! Thank you!!

3. Did you see Disco's Dotty sock? Or Jocelyn's? Gaylen is working on hers too! My fabulous test knitters!! Thank you so much!

4. Lil' Snowboarder has been begging for a pair of socks. When she's at my house, she always asks to pick out a pair of socks from my sock drawer to wear. Of course I let her, but they are obviously too big. So I let her pick out a skein a week or two ago and I promised once I was done with my mom's socks, and then Dotty socks, next were hers. Told her they'd be done when I came home from NOLA.

Lil' Dotty

This is sock number 2. I'm knitting the X-Small size of the Dotty sock and using STR mediumweight in a mill end of Rabia that I got at camp.

5. The sock is knitting up so fast in the little girl size that I'm kicking myself for not knitting them for her sooner.

6. Yesterday would have been my Great Aunt Cotty's 93rd birthday. Happy Birthday Cotty!! I know I've shown some of these pictures before, but I just love them. Her and Bailey and pizza. Probably at least 6 or 7 different weekends in Reno included this sight at dinner and it always made us all smile!





7. To celebrate, I put my Cotty pattern on sale for the week!



8. I only brought 3 projects here to NOLA. Think that's enough? Hoping to finish Lil' Snowboarder's socks tonight, then finish these socks.

Now it is time to head out for a work dinner. Something casual. I'm hoping for an early night so I can knit knit knit.

Happy Friday!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


i like cake said...

Would it be cruel to ask you to bring me back some pralines? lol ;)

Your socks look great!

JelliDonut said...

Those photos are so sweet!

weezalana said...

I'm not a huge sugar person, but I'm not sure I could resist the pralines. Or beignets. Good for you!

I LOVE those pics of Cotty and Bailey. The "me want pizza" look on Bailey's face totally cracks me up!

Angela said...

When I had to revise my diet to limit carbs, etc., one of my first concerns was what I would eat when we took trips to NOLA. I am glad to hear you are navigating your way through successfully!

Kaye said...

Ha ha! I love the way Bailey finally settles for a nice lap sit since she didn't get any pizza!

Tece said...

I love lil Snowboarder's socks. and congratulations on your steps to healthier eating...sometimes the first steps are the hardest!

peaknits said...

Your auntie is a doll!

Zonda said...

Have a good week! Hang in there with the's hard, everything looks so good, especially there. Thanks for sharing again Aunt Cotty, great pictures :)

Scrabblequeen said...

Aww...such sweet pics of Bailey and Grandma! That face deserved pizza, for sure.

dianne said...

The socks for lil snowboarder are adorable! Happy Birthday Aunt Cotty!

Channon said...

Hooray for you! I'm trying to make healthier food choices... does fried okra instead of mac 'n cheese count? ;)

Love those photos. I think I'm off to purchase some sock patterns. Yesterday was one special great aunt's anniversary of her birth.

hearthead said...

Have a safe trip...cute socks!!

tapmouse said...

Good going, IrishGirlie! Glad your healthier eating is going well. The Dotty socks for LSB are absolutely adorable! And Happy Birthday to Great Aunt Cotty-the pics really are cute of Bailey and her.