Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have some finished projects to show you! Projects finished from my stash, believe it or not. Gift knitting too. It feels like forever since I've finished a pair of socks.

Here they are....


Uncle Frank socks. The girl version, knit in Socks that Rock mediumweight, colorway Bella Coola.


I loved knitting these. Which makes me wonder why they took me over a year??! to finish.



They'll be on their way to Colorado soon to live with my best friend who just had a baby boy! I just need to cast on and finish up the wee baby Frank socks and hat to go with them. I promise, promise to get the pattern ready to go soon!

Speaking of babies, I also finished another Sweet Baby Kate set for a co-worker who is having a baby girl.

Socks that Rock lightweight, colorway Goody Goody

I think I love the wee picots the most.

And now that my secret design project that I've been working on the past few weeks is done, I can get back to more knitting from my stash!

At Stitches East I cast on a Pont Neuf cowl for me! I also was able to try out Kollage's new circular needles with a "firm" cable! Love love love! They just debuted at Stitches East and they were selling like crazy at the Fine Needle booth (and you can also order them online from them too!).


In between meet and greets and pattern signings, I worked in the Fine Needle booth with Stacy and Lara. They were awesome and if you are ever in Maryland, you should check out the shop!


And, since you made it through this long post, why not share some (note, I say some) of the stash enhancement from Stitches.

Bugga! in colorway Pink Dragonfly (so so pretty!)


The Sanguine Gryphon Q.E.D. I had not seen this yarn in person and thought it would be perfect for another infinity scarf!

Happy Knitting!!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

Lots of pretty in this post. Hope all is going well for you :0)

dianne said...

The Uncle Frank socks were worth the wait! They are fabulous!!! The baby version will precious too. I love the baby Kates', but funny coincidence all the babies around me are boys right now!

That's a gorgeous color of Bugga you got too.

Kaye said...

I love those Uncle Frank Bellas--very nice!

gMarie said...

Love those socks. Who takes photos of your feet for you? oh and Thank you! g

Bubblesknits said...

Love those Uncle Frank socks! Gorgeous!

JelliDonut said...

I live in Colorado too. Just sayin'... if a pair of those gorgeous girlie Uncle Franks should accidentally end up in MY mailbox, it won't be because I bribed the mail carrier.

Scrabblequeen said...

Hmm...yes...I need a pair of Uncle Franks for me...good thing I have some STR handy! Lovely little baby set, and gorgeous stash. :-)

Jill L said...

Lots of great projects! Doesn't it fell good to get things off the needles?

cupcakefaerie said...

Where do you find the time? You must not get any sleep. :) Love all the knits.

Channon said...

I'd like to get a project off the needles... specifically some that linger and linger and LINGER...

They're all lovely, but I'm coveting that Bugga! What a great color!

Jennifer said...

Love the whole post... but the socks are my favorite. I love how the pattern goes all the way to the tip of the toes.

weezalana said...

Great socks! And LOVE the color of that Sanguine Gryphon!