Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun Stuff

I've had a list of fun stuff running through my head that I've wanted to share in the past few weeks. Finally, a few free moments to share them. Time to blog. Another reason why I love long four-day weekends!

So, here's some fun stuff.

1. Have you checked out the new Twist Collective? My very good friend Thayer, aka ilikecake, has a new sweater design in it! Blair is just gorgeous!


Why, yes, that is my gorgeous model friend too! Seriously talented girl she is! Check out more pictures of Blair on her blog.

2. I finally finished something.


Pont Neuf cowl using my leftovers from the sample knit in Kollage Yarns Solace. I've actually finished one other project (wee baby Uncle Frank socks!!), but haven't had a chance to take pictures yet. My knitting mojo was a bit on hold the past week or two as a major reorganization/cleaning has taken place at my home.

3. The major home cleaning led to closet cleaning, which led to discovering way too many WIPS, but they are now all tucked in here.


Well, except for the Blanket that Rocks project. But everything else is in here! Can you guess how many WIPS are in there? Let's have a little contest. Guess how many are in there and first one correct (or random winner if no one guesses correctly) will win a pattern from my Ravelry store.

4. I've loved seeing my designs knit up and recently I've seen a few that I wanted to share. Check out Nartian's Pont Neufs! And Dawn finished a beautiful Le Petit Pont! Both are perfect holiday knits (and look, Kollage Yarns thinks so too!).

5. Knitpicks featured one of my designs, Burst, in their November catalog!



I love this pattern and LOVE how they reknit the socks and did the photoshoot!! So fun!! And I want that cute couch/chair.

6. Cute picture of Puddles. Always fun to share.


7. I bought The Shetland Trader's new book. Lots of gorgeous lovely projects! Inspiration!!

8. Fiber? What is that doing here on my blog? Ummmmm.....I think I have some explaining to do. A little something happened over on twitter. Must run to holiday brunch, but I promise to tell you soon.

Fiber? For me?

9. For teasing you with fiber pictures, I better make it up to you by telling you all of my individually sold patterns through Ravelry are on sale (you can also purchase by clicking on the pattern links over on my sidebar, just not all the patterns have the discount but Cotty, Sweet Baby Kate, Uncle Frank and more are on sale)!! 25% off until Monday, Nov. 29 (discount automatic at checkout).

Hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful one! I did! Lots of celebrating still going on this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Kassia said...

My guess is....9! :)

Laura said...

My guess is 11 WIPs! Happy holiday-weekend knitting.

dianne said...

You have had so many fun and exciting things going on recently! Yay you!! As for how many WIP's? Umm. How about 17. It's so fun to start new things :-)

gMarie said...

Lots of good fun stuff - my guess is 8WIPS. Hope you get some knitting time coming up soon. g

Zonda said...

Hehe...I know a sekrit ;) Gosh, it has to be less than mine! I'll say 7

Renee Anne said...

Me thinks you have 12 projects going. One for each month of the year...and yes, I know we haven't gotten to December (yet) but it's close enough.

Kelly-ann said...

I go with 10 projects. I am thinking the bag contains mostly small projects using sock weight yarn :)

neknitsandbeads said...

I say 13. I have to say I'm at 4 and it is a bit overwhelming...couldn't imagine more than that for me!

Scrabblequeen said...

Hmmm...I was going to say a Baker's dozen (13) but I see someone else already has that gurss. Oh well...How fun to see your designs go out and become lovely finished projects out there in the wide world. Puddles looks quite warm and comfy in her fleece lined coat...thanks for the pics!

turtlegirl76 said...

I was gonna say 6. Judging by some of the guesses I'm thinking maybe I low balled it.

momwhoknits said...

Hmmm - I guess I'm stuck with 5 or 14 - 14 seems like too many - even for someone with a knitting problem - so I will go with 5 - but that seems REALLY low.

Rebekah said...

Well, I was going to say seven, but I guess that's already taken... I'll say 16 just for the heck of it!

Jean said...

Wow what a post. my guess is 8. Also I hadn't realized your darling dog's name is Puddles, I had a favorite pet miniture bunny named Puddles. She was the most unusual bunny who was affectionate and came when I called her, even liked to cuddle. The Vet was amazed and said he had never seen a bunny like her. Animals are such a blessing - Enjoy.

Angela said...

I'll guess 10 WIP's. I would never count how many I have. I'd have to search through the whole house looking for where I have them tucked to find them. LOL

Unknown said...

Hmm lets say 5


Alicia said...

I guess 8 WIPs!

Kathleen C. said...

Well, if your WIP stash is anything like my WIP stash I might guess sixty bajillion. But I hope that perhaps you are a more clever knitter than I am, so I will guess the more reasonable 14.

SissySees said...

I'm guessing 11?

Hayley Wood said...

My guess is 5 Wips :)

I currently have 10... I get so excited about a new pattern I always start them when I get bored of the one I am working on .

Mandy said...

love that last pic of your stash, I can already dream of something great to make with the blue yarn

Jana said...

I am going to say 15. Love that they all fit in that bag!

Kristina L. said...

I'm guessing there are about 12 projects in there. :)