Monday, March 5, 2012

Good stuff, bad stuff.

You take the good stuff with the bad stuff, right?  It has been like that the past few days.  Mostly good, but a little bad, or perhaps, just sad.

Good stuff.  I needed to find my vintage buttons to use for the baby sweater.


Bad stuff.  These buttons just make me miss Cotty so much.  They were her buttons.  She loved to sew and was so proud of my knitting.  She would examine each stitch and detail...not in the looking for the mistakes way, but in the look how much time and thought went into this way.  And of course, then I was really missing Mimi, because she would have told me how much Cotty would have loved the sweater.  She would have liked it too, but she also would have shared a fun story about Cotty.

Good stuff.  In finding the buttons, I found yarn needles that are so vintage they only cost 25 cents :)


Sad stuff.  Last month when my mom was in Reno going through some of my aunts' things, she asked if there was anything else I could think of that I would want.  She'd already brought me home a few special things, so I didn't think so.  And then I said, "Don't forget the button box."  Dear mom said, "Already packed for you."

Good stuff.  Cute, quick, wee baby things!!  In decadent Plucky Knitter Primo Sport yarn, colorway Bashful. Love. love. love.  Need two weeks BEFORE the baby shower?!!  Unheard of.

Wee Baby Sweater

Bad stuff.  My doctor wants me on crutches still.  And 2 crutches, none of the 1 crutch stuff that I've been doing for the past 2 weeks.  No more TinyTim as Debbi would say :)   I know it could be worse and I have been gradually feeling better each day, but I really, really thought I'd be done with the crutches by now.  Shit, I thought I'd be done with them 3 weeks ago.  Ugh.

Good stuff.  My doctor is pleased with the progress so far and says this is where I should be 6 weeks out from knee surgery.  So I'm going with that.  And then I went to the pool and walked for 30 minutes.  Only thing I am allowed to do.  I'm going to be so excited this summer when I can swim laps and laps! No more taking that for granted!!

More good stuff.  I cast on for a second wee baby sweater.  Need a sample and a baby gift.  And probably another baby gift, but I already have another idea for the next wee thing.

Bye bye monday.  The rest of this week, I'm focusing on the good stuff!  You guys have any good stuff to share??!!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

The sweater looks perfect. I can see so many options with it: long sleeves, buttons all down the front, a hood. Totally cute :0)
Sorry about those crutches, but best get that healing done xoxo

Unknown said...

Super-cute baby sweater. I'll have two FOs by the end of the week - a baby hoodie for a one-year-old's birthday and a Color Affection Shawl with yarn I bought at Stitches West *this year*! Psyched about that (if I can get them done).

Elizabeth D said...

Aw, that sweater is so damn cute. And a couple extra weeks of crutches beats lingering problems. I know the thrill is gone (been gone some time, I imagine), but hang in there. . .

You think you have problems! Comment security is asking me to "Please prove you're not a robot." I'm feeling a little insecure now. . .

Kathy in San Jose said...

Good stuff:

1) Seeing all the fabulous designs out there and knowing there are options.
2) Having friends who are creative designers - super cute sweater!
3) Memories - even if they make you sad sometimes

You may have to be on crutches for a few more weeks, but think of the alternatives!

dianne said...

That sweater is pure sweetness! Sorry about the crutches :-( It must have felt great to get back in the pool though! Soon, especially in the big scheme of things, life will be back to normal again and this will all have been worth it!

Renee Anne said...

I never did well with crutches. I hope to never have to be on them again. We'll see...

I love that baby sweater. Too bad I have a boy (and he shouldn't wear lacy things - he's mistaken for a girl enough as it is).

Audry said...

I really like those buttons in the first picture. What material are they?
I'm glad to hear that the doctor is happy with your progress. Imagine if he wasn't!

Susan said...

Good things . . . 1)you are healthy and moving, albeit with crutches. It could be worse! 2) the wee baby sweater is adorable . . what a lucky baby! 3) your friends think there couldn't be a better Carrie . . and we are blessed with you in our lives! (PS I LOVE the stitch markers! :-)

gMarie said...

Wow! Post full of goods and comments too! I whole heartedly agree with the last one.

Best wishes as you continue to heal. g

Jodi said...

Cute baby sweater! Can't wait to knit one. That is definitely a record for being done before a baby shower.

Isn't it funny how small objects like buttons can bring up so many memories?

SpinningLara said...

Bad Stuff:
Still on crutches

Good Stuff:
Those battery powered scooters at Target are wicked fun to drive :) Have you tried them? And if you have, were you temped to keep going out the door with it and see how far you could get? I never dared to try when I tore my ACL, but I can't say it wasnt tempting!

Love the baby sweater!