Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More fun in Detroit

I can't believe it was a little over a week ago that I was hanging out with Erica, Melynda, Debs, and Jill.  After our lunch, we went to a charming yarn store, Ewe-nique Knits, in Royal Oak, Mi.



A skein of that lovely Spud and Chloe yarn came home with me.  I started a baby version of The Snowboarder Hat that Rocks for baby Padraig!


I trimmed the hat with a lovely gray from Shepherd's Wool, a yarn made in Michigan.  I really love how all of the shops I visited last weekend featured locally made products throughout their stores!


It was so nice to spend more time with Jill after all of our emails the past few years.  She has helped Irish Girlie Knits expand so much with her awesome graphic designs and pattern layouts and knitterly advice.  So nice to give her a big thank you hug in person!!!

The next day Erica took me to The Rust Belt.  Such a cool experience.  Local artisans set up shop there on the weekend...like a farmer's market for crafters and artisans. 





One of the best treats there was from Evil Foods.  OMG delish!  The brownie we had was so overthetop it made Erica smile like this..



There was also lovely tea.  Really, a perfect shopping experience at the Rust Belt.  I could see it being a great place for last minute holiday shopping too.

After The Rust Belt, we just had to stop at a local cupcake shop.  Have you heard of bumpy cake?  It's a Detroit thing I'm told. So of course we had to try the cupcake version :)


Such a fun weekend!! It really went too fast.  But it was so nice to finally meet Buddy...

Hi Buddy

and sweet baby Padraig!  Oh, the smiles this little guy has! Too cute!


After lots of fun traveling the past month or so, I'm really looking forward to staying at home for a bit and catching up with things...knitting, pattern writing, blogging, swimming, etc.  We'll be home for Thanksgiving which will be nice. 

Oh, and just in case you hadn't heard...this

Go Irish!!!
Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

P.S. Next post is all about knitting.  I promise.  I've actually finished things that I can share.  And our annual after Thanksgiving sale is coming up too.  Fun week ahead.


Renee Anne said...

Hooooooray for fun things!

dianne said...

That is an amazing looking market! I think you could lose yourself for hours there. You'll have to show us the littlest snowboarder hat too when it's finished. I bet it will be super cute and really perfect in that cold Michigan climate.