Sunday, May 19, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)


Silvery Something

  • time to actually sit and swatch for a new design
  • going to the farmer's market and eating well all week
  • watching Lil' Snow light up while enjoying a local children's theater performance of Wizard of Oz
  • casting on a new shawl design with Knitted Wit's lovely Cashy Lite (love!)
This is such a busy time of year at work with the end of the school year that I'm trying to focus on the happy and not some of the day to day stress.  I hope you are doing that too. You know I love to hear about your happy this week....share away in the comments :)

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits

p.s. Mad May special coupon code has been extended....check here for details!


Renee Anne said...

Oh new designs...I need to start working on some of those designs in my head. ::sigh::

I think I love the yarn, by the way...

dianne said...

We had Sunday Family Dinner for the 3rd week in a row! It's nice to be able to enjoy everyone's company.

gMarie said...

I'm stealing your idea for weeks of happy. Please - I need some new ideas, then I won't have to do the designing for the wedding. Collaborate? But I don't do yarn. hmmmmm


Jane said...

I'm sharing the stress of the end of the school year. After many years, I think I should know how to manage it and get it done more efficiently. Anywho - happy for the week, finishing a baby sweater for an August baby, a multidisciplinary team that rocks, hugs from grandsons. Life is good.