Sunday, June 16, 2013

52 weeks of happy (20 & 21/52)

First, I want to wish the wonderful dads in my life a very Happy Father's Day!!

Go Niners.7


Now time for some happy the past two weeks....



  • watching Lil Snow read at her last day of school writing celebration. So proud!
  • magical knits that appear in the mail from my wonderful friends and sample knitters! I could not have survived the past few weeks without them! Thank you thank you!  The Blue Lake Springs Shawlette is from Josie and knit in the lovely Anzula Dreamy....isn't it gorgeous?!
  • speedy test knitters have made me so happy with each mistake they find :) 
  • doggies :)  Enough said.
 What has been making you guys happy this week?

Happy happy!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


gMarie said...

this week's happy: designing and knitting a shawl for my daughters soon to be Mother in Law; breakfast this morning with my husband, my ex-husband and his wife, and my oldest daughter; doggies (because who wouldn't they make happy?); sewing - even when I wasn't; and a new computer! g

dianne said...

Finishing a new pair of socks, listening to a great book, and dinner with my dad :-) Oh, and marveling at the daily progress of my vegetable garden!