Sunday, January 5, 2014


A year of making.... an interesting idea, isn't it? I follow Miriam Felton on twitter and last year she posted pictures or commented on how she was being present in the moment and making each day. From knitting to sewing to baking. She's doing it again this year and some of us are joining in. Nothing formal. A hashtag really.


Sounds simple enough, but I've been pretty tired these last few weeks. My multi-tasking magical abilities seem to have disappeared. I used to be able to watch tv and knit and read and email. Nope. Must focus all energy on one thing. Ugh. Really hoping this is just a side effect. I've been making an effort though to take a few minutes for making, even if initially I'm not feeling up to it. Just need to get going, if that makes sense. It seems to be helping.




I feel like the slowest knitter in the world right now. But a few rows each night....slowly but surely.

I was definitely silly to think I'd get any knitting done the other night when I was babysitting this sweet pea.


Isn't she the sweetest?!?!


My sister said her husband teased that they left her with me just a few hours and she already had her Notre Dame bib on. I clarified that that was the second bib I put on her. The my auntie thinks I'm cute bib was spit up on first :)

And now the end of the holiday season. Monday is looming. Back to work I go. Kind of nice that we can ease into that tonight with the premiere of Downton Abbey!


My mom picked up this tea a few weeks ago for me at Cost Plus World Market. The yarn I picked up from the lovely Amy at Canon Hand Dyes.


Fall at Downton Abbey. Isn't it grand? It'll be waiting for me for when my knitting mojo returns!

I hope you've eased into the new year and it is going well so far. Any making on your end? I'd love to hear.

Here's to a good week ahead for us!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Caffeine Girl said...

Don't feel bad about slowing down. You deserve time to rest and recover!

elns said...

Yes to what Caffeine Girl says! Go easy on yourself. I realize you may be frustrated, but take care of yourself, you're still doing a lot (thanks for sharing!) I love that your family enjoys sports so much together. And it's important for the younguns to know where the family's loyalty lies ;)

I'm excited to make right now, but I'm trying not to overwhelm myself and manage some expectation. In fact I'm just wrapping up one of your Granlibakken shawls! I admit, I have had to mod, b/c I changed yarn and yadda yadda won't have enough yarn to properly picot cast off, but I can't wait to try it again.:)

peaknits said...

Downton was elegant and glorious! It is good to slow down, recharge and be mindful. Take care of yourself enjoy that baby and that luscious yarn!

shabby girl said...

How can you knit while you're staring at that sweet face!!!