Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good things.

And just like that the first month of 2015 is complete. Lots of ups and downs here this month, but this post is focusing on lots of good things that I've been wanting to share with you (including a sale if you get to the end)! So let's get started.

{knitting patterns}

photo courtesy of French Press Knits

Merriment Bonnet

Is that not the sweetest little bonnet on the most precious face? I love Melynda from French Press Knits and watched in amazement as she designed and knit a baby stocking for her new daughter, all via Instagram over the holidays. And then of course she needed a sweater to match. And a hat. And all lickety-split, easy-peasy. Oh, and then she wrote a pattern for us to download (quick, it might still be free).

I'll admit, between her and Knitterella's lovely graphic patterns, that's why I've been inspired to finally try colorwork. Well, that and Plucky Knitter's new collection.

All Bundled Up

If you haven't had a chance to peruse The Plucky Knitter's All Bundled Up Collection, grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy. It is amazing! I want to knit just about everything in there. Seriously.



As you know, I couldn't resist casting on Amaryllis, by Amy Miiller. I just loved knitting this hat and look forward to knitting it again. Don't worry, I didn't give it to Alexis, she's just modeling it for me at knit night.

Another fabulous collection, 54 Rue du Chateau, featuring seven lovely shawls that traveled between six talented designers who contributed to each shawl. They also each used lovely yarn from A Verb for Keeping Warm. A perfect combination. You can read more about it here too.

{other knitting stuff}

Many of you follow Neuroknitter over at We Heart Yarn already, but if you don't you're in for a treat if you love pretty pictures of knitting and macarons and coffee and treats and kitties. And picots. And then there are the pictures of leaves and snow and more leaves. When Gail finally announced her etsy shop was open with new calendars, I was so excited! Click over and see what she has. They are gorgeous! I just can't wait until she starts selling notecards.

{food stuff}

I've been a bit addicted to everything ginger and gingerbread since december. It hasn't gone away. If you love gingersnaps then you must try these.

Miette gingersnaps


In Jennie's Kitchen Simple Scratch Cooking- I've enjoyed both the fall and winter editions. The winter edition I loved the chewy oatmeal and walnut allspice cookies, gingerbread and chocolate streusel coffee cake (Christmas Eve morning treat), and the chocolate gingersnap cookies.


Tana French's The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad Series)- This was my favorite of Tana French's books! And I love listening to her books as audiobooks for the lovely Irish accents (yes, I'm a sucker for an Irish brogue). Same if a book has British accents. Any audiobooks you'd recommend for that reason?

Yes Please!- Another book that I would definitely recommend to listen to because of the narrator. Amy Poehler's autobiography really is laugh-out-loud funny and exactly what I need to be listening too right now. I'm only a few hours in, but love it!

Onto the knitting books.....

A few new releases by favorite designers of mine that I'm fortunate to have as colleagues in this designing business. We'll be doing reviews on these books in the next few weeks, but wanted to point them out to you in case you are like me and want to know all about the new releases right away.

Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves by Pam Powers - I heard all about Pam's book last year when we shared a booth at TNNA. It is so exciting to see it come to fruition. Her designs are gorgeous!

Sock Yarn Shawls II by Jen Lucas- Congratulation Jen on another fabulous book! These shawls are stunning too. That's two books in two years! You go girl.

Bake Knit Sew by Evin Bail O'Keefe - I'll be honest. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for myself on a whim. I follow Evin on Instagram (she's an American living in Ireland, how can I not follow her, right?) and thought it might be fun to get it. Well, it was one of my favorite holiday gifts. I just love it! Probably because it covers a bit of all of my favorite hobbies/crafts...baking, knitting, and someday......sewing!

Just look at that cover! I so want to knit that tea cozy.


The first recipe I tried was the Orange Honey cake and it was amazing. Warm milk and can a recipe go wrong?! I've made it twice since (by request!).

{tv time}

On Netflix- Go watch The Fall (Season 2 just came out!), Politician's Husband (Emily Watson and David Tennant.... I hadn't seen it before and quite enjoyed it), Honorable Woman (loved it!!), Happy Valley (definitely not a happy valley, but soooo good)

Downton Abbey!!!!

Why yes, my sister and I may have spent most of the day finishing the rest of Season 5 today! I have to say, I really enjoyed the rest of the season (haven't loved it so far, except for the lovely decadent constumes). No spoilers from me, but it was a lovely day today!

{the sale}

February always seems to be a celebratory month around here. Birthday month between my dad's, my sister's. Then there is Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Stitches West, which is one big party as you know! So this year, we are celebrating all month long with an Irish Girlie Knits pattern sale!!!

That's right! 20% off all IGK patterns all month long, no coupon necessary. Sounds like a perfect excuse to come join our IGK KAL over in the ravelry group.

Now here's my other favorite part....hearing your favorite things? Any new patterns I should queue up? Any new audiobooks I should try? Movies? Patterns?

Happy February!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Renee Anne said...

I feel like I need to light a fire under my backside about some designs I have rolling through my head. I entered a Designalong contest over on aplayfulday's Ravelry group (twice, actually)...and even if I don't wind up winning (which I don't think I'm even close - some of the designs are gorgeous!), I still need to get some of these out and about.

With that said, Stitches West is coming and I want to buy all the things and have no room for any of them :(

Oh, and it's time for me to learn colorwork.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these recommendations. I am checking out the Tana French audio book from the library right now!

My current audio book is "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce. It's read by a brit.

I have to always have such lovely food fotos and china. Jealous.....not to mention jealous of you and Tricia as far as knitting skill.


Unknown said...

A mysterious ailment that required (!) me to sit with one leg elevated and on a heating pad happened to coincide with my discovery of The Fall -- so I totally binged! Family came home at episode 6, and I couldn't take the time for them to catch up, had to finish it first! Will try the others you suggested, hoping not on doctor's orders, though.
My birthday is this month also, along with my dad's -- we have that in common (I don't have a sister. I have always loved having a birthday in February, a second chance to get something that might have been missed at Christmas, and there is Valentine's day too so it's a gift-giving month as well.

Evin said...

What a great list. I'm honored to be part of it!