Friday, January 30, 2015

Getting Ready For My Valentine Tradition: Yarnbombing!

Look UP Valentine
Look Up, Valentine!
Thanks so much everybody! Your responses to my question about blocking has cleared things up for me. I think the best plan is for me to weave in ends but not cut them until after blocking.

This is the time of year I get ready to yarn bomb! The above picture was taken back in 2011 when DH and I went out late the night before Valentine's Day and hung stuffed knitted hearts in one of the trees downtown. They stayed up until January the next year!

Valentine Yarn Bomb - 2013

So we did it again. And have done it every year since. I use the stuffed heart pattern I found from Jackie Z Knits. I don't felt them just add extra yarn between two of them so I can throw them up high if needed. We've found that the higher up, the longer they stay.


These from last year are still up!
Have you ever yarnbombed?

Maybe someday I will assist the Knits for Life team. Their installations are clever and inspiring.

 Happy Knitting!


Renee Anne said...

I've not bombed before but I've seen the fruits of the labors of others (the Octopus tree near B Street and the chicken feet along 3rd Street in San Mateo). Little Man is fascinated with it :)

Anonymous said...

2 summers ago I was helping a cousin knit small bells to be hung on branches for her son's wedding. I decided I could leave one on a bush back in a corner of the St. Louis Botanical Gardens on a stop through the area. It may still be there. lol These are really clever and I may have to try your heart idea.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I absolutely love your yarn bombing Tricia!! The hearts are right near our knit notes and the happening downtown so everyone always enjoys them!

My favorite Knits to Life story. At the softball games, I'm always knitting and the parents never really comment on that. But one of the dads took a picture of Knits for Life's yarn bombings to show me the cool knitting! Loved it and loved that I knew who knit it! How awesome that she is getting paid to "yarn bomb" things for Old Navy now!

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed when I actually saw the place you yarn bombed. I still cannot believe you got them so far up in the trees. It's such a cool idea.