Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Kind of Weekend

Who doesn't love a four day weekend? Even better, just a stay home and catch up weekend since my Christmas holiday vacation was a bit disrupted by a family emergency (all is well now) and my own health problems. This past weekend was just what the doctor ordered....or at least a step in the right direction.

It is late and I need to go to sleep, but I wanted to share a few photos from the weekend to remind me that sometimes it is the simple things that bring joy in our daily lives, not just with our knitting as I mentioned in my last post. Speaking of which, I'm so glad so many of you are going to try to join in with capturing and sharing your knitting everyday when you can with the hashtag #365 on instagram or twitter.

Without further ado....


macarons from Miette and their gingersnaps are to die for (I didn't want to bake on Friday)


I did decide to bake scones Sunday morning to bring to knitting brunch with friends. We call it brunch but I don't think we left until 5:30. That'll happen when good friends, food, knitting and prosseco is involved.


Beginning of brunch.....



End of brunch! I'm so thrilled with this project. Amaryllis by Amy Miller from Plucky Knitter's new All Bundled Up Collection. Other than this sheep baby blanket I knit 7 years ago and really only involved one color change, this is my first real fair isle/colorwork project and I'm just so proud of it!! I'm in love and it was easier than I thought and I can't wait to start designing with color work.


Even though I don't love love the plot lines of Downton this season, I can't help but love the fashion and the elegance and the detail of the show. And yes, I do tea for the show and try to savor and relax for every minute of it.


Pioneer Woman's Hamburger Soup. It seemed like everyone I followed on Instagram made it a week or two ago and so I made it yesterday so that I'd have lunch for the week. Done. Delish. Easy peasy. Plus it went really well with the Tartine Bread we had in the house :)

Good weekend, huh? I didn't even include a picture of the 5 loads of laundry I did or the fact that almost all the Christmas stuff is put away. The little things, you know. I hope you had a good weekend. And the nice part about a long weekend.....

tomorrow is Wednesday....almost Friday!! well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Sarah said...

Inspiring! I want to try colorwork this year too... off to search patterns - even though i'm certain i want to copy your hat!!

Renee Anne said...

I have a love of Miette but I've not been there since we moved into the house two years ago. I used to go to the one in the Ferry Building because we'd take the ferry from Alameda...but that's a bit more difficult to do now. Oh well.

I've got a couple colorwork kits to try soon and then I also need to learn to do colorwork flat (thanks to The Dude sweater ::sigh::).

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Your colorwork project is very pretty; I love your color combination.