Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blogstalking Assignment #1: Who Am I?

Blogstalking Part 2! Over on the Knittyboards they decided to bring back blogstalking, where each week there is a theme to post to your blog and we all read each's others posts, etc. Of course, I'm way behind, so you'll see assignments #1-3 in the next few days so that I can catch up.

First topic. Who am I? Couldn't have picked an easier topic? Who am I? Well, we know I'm a crazy girl who knits. And is quite obsessed with the knitting. Beyond that.... I could make the list...daughter, sister, friend, etc. But I'm not quite sure that really captures me. My perfect day captures me.

My perfect "everyday" day (you know, not the fabulous vacation days or momentous life event days, just the day-to-day day) is probably a Saturday. Sleep in a bit, and then go to the farmer's market. I learned/taught myself to cook a few years ago and haven't looked back! One of my favorite things about cooking is the fresh ingredients (note: my friends will confirm that up until five or six years ago, I would not have been able to identify fresh basil in a grocery store. Now, its one of my favorite ingredients!).

After the farmer's market, if its fall, usually my sister and I (and the doggies too!) are at my Dad's house watching Notre Dame football (note: a perfect day would involve the Irish winning of course...and maybe even USC losing...hehehehe). My brother calls throughout the game (he lives two hours away). And of course, there's always knitting during the game (unless things get really stressful!).

My perfect day could end lots of ways....typically doing something with Snowboarder or my friends. That could be dinner, a movie, or just hanging out! Guaranteed there will be lots of laughter. I guess you could say I'm a bit silly too :)

Well, maybe this doesn't totally capture who I am. One other thing that I never talk about on my blog is my job. Probably because knitting is a huge outlet for me with the stress that comes with my job and I like to keep those two things separate! However, I feel blessed to have a career that I love. I'm a director of a clinic that provides early intensive behavioral intervention for children with autism. I'm been working with children with autism since I was in high school and in college I just realized this was what I wanted to do (this was back when autism was something most people had never heard of and its rates of occurrence were much lower than the current rates of 1 in every 166 children being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder). I absolutely love working with the children I work with and seeing them make the incredible gains they can make (note: of course being a manager/director comes with lots of other drama/stress as every job does, but when it comes down to it, teaching a child his or her first words is a pretty awesome job).

So there you go. Family, friends, doggies, teaching, kids, and Notre Dame football. I guess I'm a girl who values those things :) Oh and yarn. Don't forget the yarn.

Wouldn't be me if I didn't include a picture of Bailey and Puddles, even if its a recycled old picture :)

xoxoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

That's a great post and sounds like a great "perfect day". Love the doggies too (of course).

GailV said...

Yowzah, but today's game -- Notre Dame vs. Purdue -- is at 11 central time. So it'll have to be a quick/early trip to the farmer's market to make it home in time to see the game.

(Not saying which team I'll be cheering for...umm, yeah, those socks I've been knitting are gold and black.)

Zonda said...

Great post, so glad to get to know more of who you are! ;)

cpurl17 said...

It does sound like a perfect day! (My Uni didn't have a football team so I always regret missing out on that whole experience)

And how wonderful you have a job you love--I'm sure they are very lucky to have you for a Director!

olpp said...

Aaah the perfect day!
Those puppies are SO CUTE!! Your job sounds wonderful- for you AND the kids you work with! I really enjoyed reading this.

Bezzie said...

Great post!
How cool that you've found a job you love. I hate it when the administrative crap gets in the way though ;-)

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Oh, to sleep in on a Sat morning! I totally miss those.

And kudos to you for the work you do.

Rebel said...

those puppies are flat-out adorable!!!

Jessica said...

Wow! Way to go on your job. That is so great. Keep up the good work.

Who is that guy in the Notre Dame pic?! ooh la la. Oh wait, I have a bf. ;)

Go Irish and cute puppies!

Disco said...

I'm with Jess on the guy in the ND pic. Hello!

And I think you do amazing work - I'm doing a walk for autism next month with my moms club. Hadn't quite realised how prevalent it is.