Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Starry Night Socks

They are done. Phew! One is a bit too big. One a bit too short. Oh well. Although I decided they are more "Starry Night Socks" the process and result resemble a bit more my first choice of "Notre Dame Socks" (we are 0-4 people...just horrible start to the football season...maybe now that the socks are done we can win a game?). My gauge was wayyyyyyyyy off (actually, I guess I just cast on too many stitches), and I figured this out while I was in the hospital and it was the only knitting project I had and I didn't want to frog it, so I said, what the heck and changed the stitch count once I decreased the gusset. So 1 1/2 socks are knit on 64 stitches, 1/2 sock knit on 72 stitches. Again, oh well. I still love them.

Yarn: STR mediumweight, color Dreidel
Pattern: Seeded Ribbing, from More Sensational Knitted Socks (thanks Zonda!)

Now, on to more important things. Which STR socks to cast on next? Here are three of the new colors I bought at OFFF (the other colors I got were Rare Gems or Mill Ends of other was so hard to choose! I turned down some of the other new colors that were online because I figured I could always buy them later......its an addiction...).

Probably my favorite. Faulty Dyer. Tina said that she just finished it on Friday!! Christy and I got to talk to Tina. That may have been one of my highlights. We were just talking away, didn't realize she was Tina, and then when she said she was Tina, I was a bit star struck! She truly is a color genius!!

STR lightweight, color Faulty Dyer

STR mediumweight, color Pirate's Booty

STR mediumweight, Count Cluckula (hehehehe)

I can't wait to cast on a new pair of socks!!

Oh, and the cupcakes, they were just because!! That's how much fun we had! Don't worry, more yarny pictures to come. Did I tell you I did Portland LYS shopping on Friday....oops, I left that out didn't I? :)

xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Bezzie said...

I like Count Cluckula just for the name!

Very nice socks--they do look like Starry Night.

I told Dr. MS that Colorado State seems to be having the luck of the Irish lately in not winning a game (we're 0-3). Course we don't have the exposure ND does...but it still sucks! Let me know if the socks work and I'll cast on a pair of green and gold ones for myself! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love the socks! They came out great. The colors are spectacular!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I love all your loot! Especially Count Cluckula and Pirate's Booty since they're on my wishlist from the online list! And all the names of the new ones are so fun (like Pond Scum & Grinchy).

Any explanation from Tina for the name Faulty Dyer? Especially since that one isn't online?

As for what to cast on next, maybe Count Cluckula 'cause the name is so fun in Yarnissima's Firestarter? Not that I'm suggesting you join the Firestarter KAL. Noooo, not me. :)

tiennie said...

Nice socks and loot! Sounds fun!

Neuroknitter said...

Yes, yes...'tis I...Neuroknitter...we met at Twisted and then again at OFFF! How fun!! I'm so glad you enjoyed OFFF!! Perhaps we can plan a meet up next year!!! I love your Starry Night socks!! Dreidel is a fave colorway of mine! I'm envious of your newly acquired STR stash!! Way to go!

Zonda said...

Nice Starry Nites!! Glad they still fit you!

Hehe..Count Cluckula should be next!! Sigh, I gotta stay away from there..there's like 4 colors I want... That was wild how you just started talking to Tina, then found out she was the cause of all of our sicknesses!! 2 active WIP's..hiding the basket in the corner from you!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, I know what you should start next, whatever MY socks will be!!!
I tease because I love. :) These look great on!
Hey, did you have any sewing adventures last weekend or are those posted on your sewing blog????
Again, love.....
Have a happy day from you friend and Tina's new favorite customer,

kasiaiscarly said...

I vote for Pirate's Booty, but probably because I have a particular affinity for greens right now.

I'm pulling for ND this week because they are playing Purdue, and my boss went to Purdue (and is Prez of the Alumni Association) and he REALLY doesn't want to be the 1st team that loses to the 0-4 Irish!

Jessica said...

Count Cluckula! That's one of my mill ends. I wish they would tell us the names of those. ;)

Your socks look great. Comfy...and starry...and Notre Damey. lol.

LOVE the Faulty Dyer. I wish I had EVERY color!!

Disco said...

Teddy looked at our Starry Night print last night and asked when it was painted.

Your SN/ND socks turned out great. Well done.

You know what picture I would LOVE to see on your blog? ALL of your STR, lined up with similar colours beside each other. Wouldn't that be a great shot? You could turn it into a postcard.....
:-) :-)