Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got Hats?

There really has been knitting going on around here, despite all of the life events of the past few weeks.

Got Hats

The challenge of course is translating that knitting to pattern writing, test knitting, editing, etc., when life throws a curve at you.  Fortunately, you guys are awesome and hang in there with me! Keeping my fingers crossed that Dear Baby Francis will make its debut in the next week or two (I can't wait to show you the pictures!!), with the Uncle Frank hat not too far behind.  Surprisingly, despite that big pile of hats, I'm not sick of knitting it yet!  And I've inadvertently created a pile of gift knits, since only two of those need to be trunk show samples! 

I didn't even try to write up anything last week.  And as much as I was enjoying my new sock design, I wanted something a bit more mindless, comforting.  I needed to just knit.  And then the design jumped out at me and it was on the needles.

 I need a name.

A cozy, slightly-oversized, cowl, inspired by my Winnie socks, in luxurious, 100% Aran cashmere from The Plucky Knitter.  Talk about chicken soup for the soul.  I've been saving this yarn for something special and the cowl flew off the needles.  The matching fingerless gloves are almost done too.  This is going to be such a fun holiday gift knit.  My sister commented that too bad it wasn't in her colors.  My mom, smart lady, said, I'll take it.  To both I say no way!  But, it was such a quick knit, I'm thinking my mom may finally get her gray fingerless gloves this year!

The only thing I need now is a name.  I would love to call it Mimi, but there are a gazillion patterns named Mimi.  I also thought Comfort Food, because that was what it was for me.  But, the colorway is called Golightly, and part of me wants to focus on the cozy, happy, cheerful ness that that name says to me.  I'm tempted to call it Golightly.  There are just a few patterns with a similar name, but not quite Golightly.  I will say, I can't wait to wear this when it is snowy up in Tahoe with a cup of hot cocoa.  Or enjoying a big scoop of ice cream :)

Then I thought you guys may have some thoughts.  Anyone? 

I'll be back later this week with a few other fun knitting related updates!  What do you guys have on your needles this week?  Oh, and any new tv shows you've been knitting away too?  I really enjoyed Prime Suspect and Revenge last week!

Happy Knitting!
xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Ms.Curdy said...

I've been on a hat kick lately, I just think they're quick and rewarding! Can't wait to see what's coming up!!

Discoknits said...

Look at all those Franks!!!!! Can't wait to get the big boy on my needles ;0)
I'm knitting pillows too - for a home design project (not mine). I even crocheted one!!! All to be revealed soon.....

me said...

the yarn is golightly, call it Holly or if there are too many patterns with that name, you can always go with Lula-Mae

kgmama said...

What about Mimi Golightly?
Or is that a little too much?

dianne said...

My first thought was Mimi Golightly too, because as soon as you mentioned the name of the color, the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's jumped right to mind, with it's trademark song now playing in a loop in my mind. Sooo....., how about Moon River?

Anonymous said...

I have a little doll on my desk at work that screams when you squeeze her tummy...we all call her "Screaming Mimi" and whenever anyone becomes frustrated, they come over to squeeze her belly. All day long,you can hear someone say....."Where's Mimi"....."I need Mimi"......or just "Where is she, I need her....NOW." You can hear Mimi screaming all day long! Screaming Mimi is my stress reliever at home, I knit. I think Screaming Mimi is the perfect name!

SnowCat said...

I just watched PanAm off the TiVo - I think it will be great knitting TV.

SpinningLara said...

When I saw the name Golightly I immediately thought of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Holly Golightly.

Maybe you could call it Ms Golightly?

Caffeine Girl said...

That cowl is fabuous!

Since we don't have cable, I'm going through past seasons of Mad Men. Amazing show.