Sunday, March 4, 2007

Don't come knockin' ....

If your socks ain't rockin'!! Some more Stitches yummy yarn. Here's what Blue Moon had of mediumweight ingredients for the scarf! I just can't decide which colors to do first! Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline (first two colors) is the scarf combination here... but something different would be either Footzey Foo (which they didn't have in mediumweight at Stitches but I had ordered online earlier) and Nodding Violet together (the two on the left) or Nodding Violet and Rhodonite (the bright pink colors!). Can't decide...what do you think? I just

have to turn the heel on my second STR sock and finish that up before I start the scarf... or else I'll never finish the socks!

Footzey Foo, Nodding Violet, Rhodonite.. gorgeous!

Yeah... this isn't all the STR that I bought.. but we'll leave that for another day :) xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said... thanks for the drooling!! LOL! Nice colorways!! I like the Nodding Violet even better from your picture!

soapy said...

Gorgeous yarns and love the blanket!