Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Little Bit of Luxury!

My Secret Pal over at the Knitty Coffeeshop is fabulous!! She sent me ANOTHER wonderful package...this one had a "luxury" theme! Can we say MALABRIGO!!! So yummy! My sister-in-law was visiting for the weekend (for her baby showers! she loved the blankie and everything else! thanks for all the compliments everyone!) and she got some Malabrigo at the LYS! I didn't need too... I have a great SP!! Oh, and my first pair of Lantern Moon needles ever!! I can't wait to try them! The package was perfect timing too! Thanks SP!

Now that the baby showers are done, regular knitting programming can commence :) As soon as everyone left the house and the dishes were put away, I relaxed on our couch (our new couch ... aka my brother and sister-in-law's old/but really never used gorgeous couch!) and kept working on the remaining Socks that Rock sock (yeah, left over from Stitches!). I'm turning the heal tonight! I so want to finish so I can start my STR scarf! I've got one little tiny baby thing to finish, but nothing like the blankie (and I did put the lining on this! not easy! thanks Melissa for all the help!! what would I do without you!)! Hopefully I can keep pressuring Pashy (yeah, it is her blog too!) to post all the baby shower stuff she's been working on (I know her shower is next weekend! I can't wait to see it the baby blanket she made!).

Hopefully pictures of my first STR socks will be here soon!!!!!! Have a great week! xoxo Irishgirlieknits

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Zonda said...

Yay! You got Malabrigo! Nice goodies there! :)