Tuesday, April 17, 2007

By Request.....

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Malabrigo scarf!! I've got some more details on it. The color was (are you ready for this?) "Pur Purs" (I think). I'm not sure because the color is handwritten and its not quite clear. There is a #132 by it if that helps. Of course, I don't see it online anywhere, but I do know Imagiknit has TONS of Malabrigo colorways. The other color I bought also seems to be a newer colorway because I don't see that one online either. Regarding the pattern, it was a free pattern that is written by the shop (its copyrighted). The name of the pattern is (hehe, ready) "Shop Sample Pattern #S316." Okay, hope that helps. And for those of you who live in the bay area (ahem...cpurl....) you MUST stop by the store!! Its one of my favorites!

And here's another request :)

Some progress pictures of my Log Cabin Blanket...aka Blanket that Rocks! (not because I think my skills are that cool or anything but because I am using Socks that Rock heavyweight as the ingredients). Its about 16" x 17" right now. Oh, I should probably tell you that although this yarn came from my stash, I don't appear to be decreasing my Blue Moon stash any as they just updated their site with new colors. Lunasea and Socktopus were calling my name. And I removed the ticker below (e.g. how many days since I last bought yarn....). Reason: self-explanatory. Ugh. Will try again. And don't think it was just the Blue Moon that did me in. Remember that Knit Happens sale that you pushers told me about?!

And since this post is about comments/requests, I'll share a funny dad story. Dad doesn't quite get the blogging thing, but he looks at the pictures and loves my knitting (and I bet if he's bored and nothing is new on the Notre Dame football sites he might even read it-yes, I know it is not football season, but there's recruiting he says). And he does see the comment section after each post. I think he and Rowan talk about it too (e.g., "Yeah, people actually comment on her blog dad."). Because last week my dad was quoting something to me about how many blogs there were and how some very high percentage (yeah, here's where I need to do some more fact finding for the story, oh well) of blogs rarely EVER get comments. And he beamed with pride and said, "So you're like in the top (whatever cool number I don't know)% of blogs probably." I laughed. He doesn't know about the yarn harlot. Or knit bloggers in general!!

Thanks for reading :) Happy Knitting! xoxoxo Irishgirlieknits


Discoknits said...

I LOVE this blanket. It looks so much better than when it's made with solid colours. Thanks for posting update pics. :-)

Zonda said...

I agree, much more depth, etc. to the colors like this!

sgeddes said...

Oh, I love the blanket. How big do ou think it will end up being and how many skeins are you planning on using?

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!! When are we going to see some Harry Potter stuff?