Sunday, April 29, 2007

So Much Knitting, So Little Time

I've been knitting all week, but no finished objects to show. Oh well. I guess if I just picked one thing and worked on it maybe, just maybe, I would get something done. But I just can't do that. There's so many projects I want to work on! For example, I just got a new "book" this week and I already want to make a few things out of it. Here's some pictures from Baby Knits Kit by Sara Lucas (one of the Imagiknit ladies!):

This one is definately going to be made cute would the little nephew look in this!

But, instead of casting on for this, I needed to cast on for the football hat, again. It was such a hit at little nephew's baby shower, that one of my SIL's friends requested it for her upcoming baby shower. So, quick knit, but its still distracting me from my other projects.

Here's the progress on my second more fun than cables sock:

These were an unfinished object for so long, that I know if I don't finish them now, it might be awhile. Even though I really really really want to cast on my new Rockin Sock Club socks (the yarn came this week! Gorgeous!!!). Although, when I finish these, I think I might also need to cast on some socks for Rowan. Not just any socks. Rowan wants Harry Potter socks. Do you know how hard it is to find sock yarn in the Gryffindor colors?? So, until I find the right colors, Rowan has "settled" for using this:

She says that they can be her "Hogwarts" socks. Its Curious Yarns in Autumn Earth. This was gifted to me in my very first Sock Swap (pre-blog). Yeah, Rowan has been eyeing this yarn since the day I got it!

And, my Log Cabin Blanket......well...its almost done (I'm weighing the yarn....seriously...that's a first for me... I just want to make sure I have enough for each strip). I'm going to save the pictures til its done (hopefully in the next week or so!). And, I also cast on another something something, just to make things fun. But I'm not really working on it too much (want to finish the big project at a time!). much knitting to do! Have a great week! Happy Knitting! xoxo Irishgirlie


sgeddes said...

That little hat is so cute. Your nephew will be a little charmer in it.

I don't know if Rowan has seen the new HP knits book - but I'd think she'd keep you busy with stuff from that all the time.

I'm looking forward to seeing the blanket. I really want to know the size it is from three skeins of yarn.

Anonymous said...

The sock yarn is gorgeous! And, the hat will be adorable!
-Your spring fling SP

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Harry Potter represented on your blog!!!!
The countdown is on and socks must be made by movie/book time in July!!!!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Hey Rowan, watch it! You don't want to come across as "bossy little sister" by placing deadlines on the knitting! You are getting socks out of this you know :) Love ya!

Unknown said...

That hat is totally cute! My younger monkey is probably too big for it now, but I will have to look at that book closer now.

As for HP, I need to cast on for my Horcrux sock but went for the STR club April sock instead.

Zonda said...

Lovely yarn! That hat is going to be cute!