Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Down

One more to go. Dad will be so happy. Of course, he already has a pair. But now he can rest assured, that if he were to lose one or get a hole in one, he has a replacement pair (well, right now, a replacement sock). Here's one finished Log Cabin Sock from Handknit Holidays, using Cascade Pastaza. They really are comfy around the house socks.

Here's an attempt for a closer look at the cables.

Speaking of socks, Rowan teased me as I chased down the mailman today. He left a package slip (not the package). We arrived home a second too late. But....I caught him just in time to receive my much anticipated package. See the button to the right (the pretty pink one...I finally figured out how to put a button on my...I mean "our" blog...hehehe). That's right! I joined the Rockin Sock Club (what, I hadn't already you say?). I wasn't going to. I didn't. Then I kinda regretted it. Then I went crazy at Stitches and didn't feel so bad. Then last week, I was randomly reading the Rockin Sock Blog (I live vicariously through everyone else) and saw there were 20 openings left. I called at 5:45pm, thinking they probably weren't there. But those hard working ladies at Blue Moon were. And within two minutes.....I was signed up. Funny thing, when I told Rowan....she was totally supportive. I love my family. Of course, when the package came today, I showed her the cool binder and the place to keep track of family and friends sock measurements, she stuck her foot out right away (hmmm...I guess that's why she was so supportive!). So, all in all, it was a good sock day :)

Happy Knitting! Off to Reno for the weekend to celebrate my great-aunt's 82nd birthday!! xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Zonda said...

That sock looks so soft and warm! Nice job! Go you! Congrats on getting in the STR club! Have a super weekend!

Anonymous said...

The sock looks great! Have fun in Reno! As a STR club member, I totally understand. ;)
-Your spring fling knittyboard SP

Cherie B. said...

wow, you knit socks, too? What don't you knit? Lingerie?

Discoknits said...

I can tell that sock's for a Dad - grey. Not your usual blues :-)
And congrats on being a rocking socker, very cool. Post another WIP pic of your LCB when you get back, can't wait to see its progress. Have a super weekend.