Sunday, July 22, 2007


That was what the back of my t-shirt said from our Kepler's Midnight Magic and Wizardry Party Friday night! Rowan hosted a pre-party at our house, with goodie bags and Harry Potter Cake no less, and then we walked to the bookstore. I think one of the best parts is seeing all of the kids dressed up as their favorite characters! We had a great time. Originally, just Rowan was going to get a book and I was going to wait until our Amazon one arrived on Saturday. But after JUST finishing books 5 and 6, well, I wanted to join in the fun too! So, my brother got the Amazon book (which arrived in the cutest packaging I must say) and Rowan and I each got our own books. As anticipated, Rowan finished before me, but it was nice to call her every few chapters and discuss. I stopped talking to her once she got to the last 150 pages, just in case. She was fast asleep Saturday night by the time I finished my book.

No spoilers, just that I absolutely loved the book!

Here's some pictures from Friday night!

Rowan being sorted.

I knit her that scarf four years ago for Christmas. One lucky sister. Notice I don't have a scarf :(

The happiest girl.

They had Quidditch set up for the kids. May I draw your attention to the fact that Ireland won!

And Dani had perfect timing! My Harry Potter Sock Club from Sunshine Yarns arrived Friday afternoon (Rowan split the cost with me because she REALLY wants the Gryffindor socks, like Zknitter!).

Colorway: Another Weasley

Love it!

Happy Knitting!! xoxo Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

Best post ever!!!! Love it! It is amazing the magic that comes out of a good book and knitting : )

Zonda said...

Looks like an excellent time! Lovely colorway! that Rowan saw my socks! ;)

cbknits80 said...

Looks like you had a great time.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

How fun!

Love the Sunshine Yarns HP yarn! It'll be fun seeing the rest of them.

Finished my copy sometime past midnight last night. Loved it too.

Anniebananie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. And I love the STR yarn, it's simply fabulous!

Disco said...

OMG, that yarn is EXACTLY the same colours as the book jacket. Totally cool, I love it.
What a fun night you all had. :-)
Now, is it going to be possible for me to avoid the storylines for the next seven years it will take me to catch up on the books? I've managed so far.....

tiennie said...

I loved it!

cpurl17 said...

Awwwww it looks like you had a wonderful time!!

(I'm only on page 150 so I'm going to order the CD so I can knit and hear Harry!. But I was bad and read the spoilers)

Heathermione said...

Great photos! I love how the yarn totally matches the book, too!

I loved the book too, I'm just so sad it's over! (And aren't you glad you finished the others in time to join in the fun??)