Saturday, July 14, 2007

Disco Rocks!

I got my Disco Dancing Summer Swappin Package in the mail today! What, you didn't hear about that swap? Well, the sign-ups were for a very short period of time really. Just teasing. Discoknits was my SP8 for the past few months and I just love her! So when SP9 sign-ups came around her and I discussed whether we would sign-up for this round (its a 3 month commitment). Well, its summer, so we thought we would just sign-up to swap with each other again! Lucky me! My summer fun arrived today!!!

You just know there's going to be good stuff in there.

British heaven!! Disco just got back from a trip abroad and brought back loads of yummies! What, you don't see the cadbury candy bar and mini-hobnobs? Nope, they were devoured by Rowan and I when we went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight (loved it! seriously great day here). I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog. Look in the upper left hand corner and you will see why. A lush soap bar. Did I not just mention this as one of my new favorites?!! Speaking of favorites, have you signed up for the contest?? (If you're a regular reader and didn't that's okay, the comments are being put in a drawing for something that ROCKS!! when we get to post 100!)!!

Here's the yarny goodness that arrived. I was a bit overwhelmed at this point. I know Disco and I have gotten to be really great friends over the past six months, but this was just so unexpected!! A Rowan magazine, a perfect knitting book for all the munchkins in my life, and two new Rowan yarns to try (in my favorite color no less!). And seriously cute sheepie stuff!

And finally, Disco included some gorgeous Koigu! Yummy socks for sure!! I'm going to let her help me figure out what pattern will work well for this. It is sooooo squishy soft!

A nice yarn prOn shot for you.

I'm disco dancing with happiness here!! Thank you thank you Disco!!! Love you bunches!!

Happy Knitting!! xoxox Irishgirlieknits


cbknits80 said...

What a great swap!! I love the candy from Europe, so much better then the US, plus trashy celebrity magazines. Another favorite!! Enjoy all that great stuff.

Batty said...

Wow, those are amazing goodies! I drool over Rowan magazines and keep putting them back because they're too expensive. And that yarn! And celebrity mags! I love those. Nothing like reading gossip on the train or while waiting in line.

Zonda said...

Awesome stuff there!! I love lush soap as well, honey I washed the kids or something like that. What's yours, I tried to enlarge the picture! Ditto on the UK candy/sweets too! that a sheepypoo card? Have a great weekend!

IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Zonda, its Ice Blue! Perfect color soap for me and it smells fabulous!

Nell said...

Nice package. I love Lush soap. So delish!

cpurl17 said...

That looks like a fabulous package!
A disco inferno!