Thursday, July 19, 2007

100th Post!

Happy 100 Posts!! If you've read any, you know I'm goofy, so there you go. To celebrate we've had two contests this month. The Malabrigo scarf contest that involved some favorites and the July comments contest (you just had to comment...that was easy!).

The winner of the Malabrigo and pattern is.... Little Peeps!

And since there were so many fabulous entries I picked another winner... cbknits80! I'm excited you won because I can't figure out who you are...blogger won't give me any clues and you've been leaving me fabulous comments!! Thank you!
Cbknits80 is receiving 2 skeins of Misti's new Cotton that is 83% Pima Cotton and 17% Silk!

Now for all those comments. I love reading each and every one of them. As does my family too (my brother is the first to ask what the comments were about Little Guy....funny he nevers asks about the knitting...what a proud dad). As promised, you all are getting some of my favorites! I had to say I laughed when dad picked out the first winner!

Ms. Stilaholic Nartian Knits.

I laughed because my 1st prize, the one that I hinted at as Rockin, was of course, my favorite, Socks that Rock! I know Nartian will enjoy this skein! Of course, I had to search her blog to make sure she didn't have this colorway (as the initial colorway I was thinking of giving away she already had...girl after my own heart!). The colorway is Waterlilies! Special just for you guys because its not currently available on the website but it happened to be at Purlescense Yarns last week!! Yes, crappy picture, I know. My camera battery died as I was taking this picture. So sad. At least I had one picture to show.

The 2nd prize goes to The Curly Knitter (my fabulous upstream from Spring Fling!).
I'll be sending her 3 skeins of my other favorite, Blue Sky Alpacas alpaca yarn, in yummy chocolate.
And finally, Turtle, whose recently started a blog that I look forward to reading.
She'll be receiving one of my favorite colorways of the Misti Alpaca Handdyes.

If everyone who won could email me their address so that I can send you your goodies that would be great (send to irishgirlieknits AT gmail DOT com).

If you haven't had a chance to read some of the answers to the favorites, here's the post. I loved reading all of them and am still trying to read everyone's blogs. I wanted to compile in one spot the answer to "one of your favorite knitting blogs" so that I (and hopefully some of you) can read some new knitting blogs. I haven't had a chance to read all of them yet, but I look forward to reading them soon (along with all of the new blogs I came across from the participants!).

Here are some of the suggested favorite knitting blogs to check out (in the order they were entered into the contest):

1) Peaknit

2) The Chemgrrl Chronicles

3) Random Meanderings

4) Brooklyn Tweed

5) Redshirt Knitting

6) JenLa

7) Neither Hip Nor Funky

8) Turtlegirl

9) Lick My Sticks

10) Maya's World

11) Bioengiknitter

12) Numenna

13) Forward Motion

14) Dogged

15) Half-assed Knit Blog

16) Knitensity

17) Knitting Betty

18) Moth Heaven

19) Purl This!

20) Yarn Harlot

21) My Fashionable Life

22) Knitting Pharm

23) Knitting Iris

24) Dame Wendy

25) Domesticrafts

26) Fleegle's Blog

27) Pixie Riot

28) Drive-By Thinking

29) Knit and Tonic

30) The Blue Blog

31) Twosheep

32) TECHknitting

33) FemiKnitMafia

34) Stumbling Over Chaos

35) Not Pretty to Watch

36) Sheep in the City

Happy Knitting!! Happy almost Harry Potter!!! xoxox Irishgirlieknits


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks so much Carrie!

sgeddes said...

Congratualtions on the 100th post.

That's quite a reading list. I will have to check all of those blogs out!

cbknits80 said...

Yay - thanks so much. I'm blogless, which I guess is why you can't find much about me :) I've sent you an e-mail with my info.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

This is the first time I've ever won a blog contest, so thank you!

And yay! on the rockin' sock yarn. You're too funny giving an obsessed STR-er more STR, but it's highly, highly appreciated.

Turtle said...

Wow! (loving yarn!) Need to check out that blog list as well. I love seeing what others are working on and their words of wisdom! Thanks Carrie!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one suggested as a favorite blog! That's one I read daily. But, being your sockapalooza pal, I did not dare enter the contest! Congrats to the winners of both contests...yummy prizes! You certianly have good taste in yarn/fibers.

Lick My Sticks said...

Aw, someone picked my blog as a favorite, that makes me feel all squishy inside! ;)

Congrats on your 100th post!