Monday, July 9, 2007

A Contest!

Post 93!! We're getting close to 100!! So, in addition to the other contest mentioned earlier, here's another contest that is going to include a favorite yarn and pattern! Remember the Malabrigo Wavy Scarf? Here's one that Bad Amy just made. And remember the pattern that is available free from Imagiknit with a purchase of some yummy malabrigo. Well, when I was there for their sale a few weeks back, I picked up another skein and a copy of the pattern for someone to win!

Of course I had to pick one of my favorite colors, a gorgeous blue! Don't worry, if we have lots of entries (maybe over 15 or 20) I've got lots of other favorite yarns to share to. You've seen some of my stash.

So here's the deal. You've learned lots about me and I've learned TONS from all my favorite knitbloggers. I'd love to hear a bit more from you guys. I'm talking favorites. In the comments, list the following five favorites: 1) favorite must-knit soon pattern, 2) favorite sock pattern, 3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn, 4) one of your favorite knit bloggers (I love reading new ones!), and 5) one of your favorite non-knitting things. When I get to the 100th post (cause seriously, you know I'm practically the only one who posts here), we'll pick the winners!

Here's my favorites:

1) must-knit: the mini-monkey modified pattern and the June Rockin' Sock Club socks

2) favorite sock pattern: Monkeys

3) favorite yarns and sock yarns: see flash your stash above

4) one of my favorite knit bloggers definately has to be Zonda. She was my winter cheer secret pal downstream and reading her blog truly inspired me to finally start a blog. I loved getting to know her that way and seeing her gorgeous knitting (and yarn pRon too!).

5) my new favorite things is all things LUSH. Why had I not discovered their products sooner? LittleMy from the knittyboards sent me a lipsmack that I love and when we were in Boston I tried lots of their products and its my new favorite!

Thanks for playing! Hope to have my finished monkey socks done either on or before WIP Wednesday! Happy Contest!! xoxox Irishgirlieknits

ETA: Contest will be closed as of 7/19/07 3PM Pacific Time. Thank you!! Winners announced on the 19th or 20th!


cbknits80 said...

1. I know I'm probably the last one out there, but I really want to make a Clapotis.
2. The Roza socks, easy enough but not boring and have a great stretch which makes them great gift socks!
3. I really like Malabrigo, and Scout's Swag yarn
4. I enjoy the blog Peaknit, and stacey is a sweetheart
5. Handmade soap!! No vendor specifically, but I love it.

Zonda said...

I'm not entering, but that is a gorgeous shade of blue! :) Aww, thanks!! You are the best SP!

Jennifer said...

Ooo...this may be a little tough!

1. Must knit - Simple Knitted Bodice (gotta get the pattern though!)
2. Fav sock - Monkey
3. Fav yarn/sock yarn - Cascade 220 and Lorna's Laces
4. Chemgrrl, but we are twin chem nerds!
5. The entire Swiffer line of products. Makes me WANT to clean!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

I don't need the yarn, but it's a fun little questionnaire!
1) Waving Lace sock from IK Favorite Socks
2) Despite the torture I'm putting myself through, I'd say the Twisted Flower socks though the Monkeys are super addictive
3) favorite yarn - Brooks Farm Four Play, favorite sock yarn - STR lightweight 4 eva! ;)
4) Do you read Wendy Bernard's Knit & Tonic blog? Love her patterns & she's a very amusing writer
5) Make-up. Specifically Nars & Stila Cosmetics companies (hence my name Stilaholic Nartian).

Oh, and if you haven't tried the Lush bath bombs or the bubble bars, try them! They are so much fun. My other Lush favs are Silky Underwear (jasmine scented powder) and the massage bars.

cpurl17 said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern:
Pomatomus (not sure on the spelling) but I think I'm one of the few who have not knit this!
2) favorite sock pattern: I love the Roza's sock. Easy to do but looks nice with finihsed.
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn: Love STR and Fleece Artist and Malabrigo, of course
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers (I love reading new ones!)I love Random Meanderings- Bezzie is a crack up!
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: I love L'Occitane en Provance hand cream.

For Lush: If you have dry skin, try the Dream Cream--it is!!

littlepeepsmom said...

1. Montego Bay Scarf by Amy Singer (Interweave Knits)-- okay, it might be an excuse to blow some hard earned money on seasilk. I haven't tried it yet and I am dying to.

2. I really llike monkey but I would say that my favorite is the Simple Sock pattern from hello yarn. It fits perfectly and never disappoints.

3. I can never pick one. I am a fairly new knitter (about a year). I knit a baby/toddler sweater out of Rowan cork (discontinued). I love this stuff but can never seem to find it anywhere. I love Manos and strangely enough I really like almost any cotton yarn, must be the quilter in me.

4. My all time favorite knit blogger is brooklyntweed. Everything he does is fab. My favorite knit blogger I recently started reading is

5. I love cameras. Would that I could afford them all.

sgeddes said...

1. EZ's Baby surprise jacket. I just don't have anyone to give it to when finished.
2. Cookie's Monkey Socks. It is just such a good looking stitch pattern.
3. Fleece Artists and STR. The color are to die for. Oh yeah, and then there is koigu, how can you leave that off the list.
4. there are so many good blogs it's hard to pick just one - try this one:
5. Aveeno lotions. I always keep this stuff simple. I haven't worn make-up in over ten years.

The Ninny said...

1) It's a tie between Knitty's Sheldon and Zephyr Style's Green Gable.

2) This may sound ridiculous. I don't like decorative socks for myself. Too many cables/swirls/twists, etc, and I my feet aren't happy. So, I really like the simple sock pattern from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

3) Socks that Rock! (and not just cuz of the great colors!)

4) Brooklyn Tweed for how aesthetically pleasing it is. New favorite Neither Hip Nor Funky.

5) Cheese and the color GREEN.

Disco said...

1. More monkeys
2. monkeys - one pair and I'm addicted!
3. I am in love with Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk. But now that I've tried STR.....
4. I only regularly read a couple of blogs, I occasionally surf the knitty webring. But one blog I know will ALWAYS have some interesting knitting content is Turtlegirl's, so I'll seek her out when I need a good read.
5. I love my new camera that the boys gave me for Mother's Day - it's a Canon powershot and SO easy to use.

ms. pixie riot said...

1) bellatrix, from socktopia. all of those intentional runs are going to look gorgeous in a black/pink/green punk yarn.

2) right now i really love clementine, also from socktopia. but i make a lot of monkeys.

3) i've only used it once, but i love cherry tree hill supersock...lorna's laces is my standby... i've found some lovely superwash merino that i'm using for yarn oddities, and i love knitting with it.

4) but it's SO HARD TO CHOOSE! lickmysticks, or, or... oh sheesh. anyone on my list of links.

5) does dyeing count? no? haha. music, then. i'm pretty music obsessed, and am trying to put together a punk/rock/blues band (a la detroit cobras) right now.

Beverly said...

1. Must knit: Bayerische by Eunny - what intricate cables!
2. Favorite sock pattern: Embossed leaves from IK - I haven't knit them yet, but I've always drooled over the pattern!
3. Fav yarn: That I've knit with? Andean Silk (oh so soft). In the stash? Lorna's Laces.
4. I like the bioengiknitter blog. It's such a clever name and I've enjoyed reading about her projects.
5. Favorite non-knitting thing: My world atlas. I LOVE geography and looking up new locations.

Stariel said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern: Hmm, my list is long but at the moment I'll have to say Coachella
2) favorite sock pattern: I knit a lot of socks but I love coming back to Jaywalker. :)
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn: That's a hard question, but I guess a tie between Socks That Rock and all of the yummy hand dyed sock yarns.
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers: Hmm... how about
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: Sock yarn! Oh... wait... Bubble Tea!

kasiaiscarly said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern: Best Friend Cashmere bag from Knitty
2) favorite sock pattern: Falling Leaves. . . I can knit them super quick!
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn: I'm a sucker for anything farmed/spun/dyed locally
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers: Becca (
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: tap dancing!

Rachel said...

Ooh, 100 posts! I need to get cracking, I'm only at 60-something.
Here's my listy:
1) I want to make a Demi, but I'm kind of scared!
2) Monkey socks, how original, but I'm obsessed
3) Koigu for sure, again not very original
4) Hmm, this is a tough one. I like doggedknits.
5) One of my favorite non-knitting things is cheese rolls from Arizmendi (you live near SF, right? If you have not been to this bakery, you must go!)

Stacey said...

Let's see...

1. I really want to make the Central Park Hoodie. But it's much too hot to work with wool right now!
2. I don't think I've really followed an actual sock pattern - I mostly just choose one from Sensational Knitted Socks. I loved my Twisted Rib STR I just made.
3. Ack, too many too chose. Socks That Rock, Opal (especially the Rainforest ones), lots of indie dyers.
4. I have many faves, one I haven't seen mentioned is Half-Assed Knit Blog, - it's a new fave of mine
5. I have to agree with Lush - I've loved it since I discovered it 4 years ago!

Bufanditas said...

1. I must knit Hanging Garden.
2. Embossed Leaves is a joy to knit.
3. Artyarns Regal Silk can take over my stash any day.
4. Knitensity is groovey.
5. Dark chocolate.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Oh, wait! I want to change my answer for #4. Nothing wrong w/Wendy Bernard, but she gets lots of readership already. So I would like to recommend knittingbetty. Met her on the LBT KAL. She's great:

Mango said...

1) Mrs Beeton's
2) I haven't made many socks, but my fave pattern so far is Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays
3) Cascade Lana d'Oro (sadly discontinued) / haven't knit enough socks to have a favorite yarn
4) moth heaven
5) York Klondike Bars. Yum.

blu roux said...

1)Probably the Calla tank from Magknits. Or Thermal.
2)Monkey--I know, yet another vote. What can I say?
3)Mission Falls 1842 wool
4)Somerset (LadyLungDoc)'s blog:
5)My garden

psammeadred said...

1. Mystery Stole 3 - I have the yarn and have signed up, but I've got to finish some UFO's before I start a new project.
2. Conwy socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. It's a pretty pattern that looks harder than it is.
3. Malabrigo, Opal Silk, and Lamb's Pride.
4. I'm relatively new to knitting blogs, so I'll say the Yarn Harlot.
5. Science, old swing records, and Harry Potter!

Lime Street Knits said...

1. Venezia, even though the thought of knitting it terrifies me.
2. Love those Monkeys.
3. Habu
4. My Fashionable Life (address: is just lovely.
5. Night swimming

On the LUSH front, have any of you tried their new "butterfly" bath bomb? It's wonderful. Two cloth butterflies flutter out of it, along with a spray of dried flower petals.

dobarah said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern: Sahara
2) favorite sock pattern: baudelaire
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn: All the glorious hand-dyed natural fibers (and blends!)
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers: Deb at
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: beading, cake decorating...anything with my hands!

Berry Gal said...

must knit - totally hooked on the itty bitty hat the olive you hat.
Fav sock- knitty universla toe up because it forces me to be creative
Fav Yarn - I am hooked on Cascade eco wool right now for a sweater I am making
Blog recommendation: knitting Iris.. I am so jealous of the scenery and love her take on color and layout
Non knitting- Burt bee's banana hand cream

aruni said...

1) rusted root. also sarcelle in a similarly gorgeous blue.

2) confession time: i've never knit socks. i have sock yarn, though, and it will become some point!

3) i love (love love) schaefer marjaana and rowan's cashsoft line. yum!

4) i recently found dame wendy's blog: after meeting her at a knitting group. her posts are funny and clever and insightful--a great read. :)

5) my new favorite thing is this dress from american apparel. i just love the idea of being able to wear one item of clothing in a bunch of different ways.

bradyphrenia said...

1) i've been wanting to knit a lady E stole forever
2) it changes often, but right now i'm knitting vinnland from the anticraft and it's really fun and looks awesome
3) koigu, but i also really enjoy dyeing my own
4) for the pretty pretty photos
5) right now i'm learning to quilt. i also love pretty pretty fabrics. :-)

Nikki said...

Ooh, this is a fun contest! Okay, let's see.
1) I'm working on a Twinkle knock-off type design in her line of super bulky yarn, and when the weather is cool again I'll get back to it
2)Jaywalkers. I'm knitting a pair now and I love the fit.
3) Favorite yarn, that's a tough one, but it definitely won't be a sock yarn. I think I'd say Karabella Aurora 8. Close runners-up are Lorna's Laces DK Swirl in solids (soft but still sturdy) and Handmaiden's Lady Godiva.
4) I recently discovered this half-assed blog. It's funny.
5) One of my favorite non-knitting things is, hmm, Asian horror films.

Batty said...

1) Mystery Stole. I signed up and haven't gotten around to starting yet. It's beautiful, though, and I want it!

2) I really enjoyed knitting Conwy socks. I may need a break from that pattern, but I think I'll knit many more.

3) This is a tough one. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with Opal Hundertwasser in all its shades.

4) I've been obsessed with lace knitting for a while, and Fleegle's Blog is an incredible resource (also, she's an extremely gifted lace knitter). She puts up handy things like translations of Japanese knitting pattern symbols and links to a blog where someone has compiled a list of triangular shawl patterns by yardage!

5) Bats. But we already knew that. Also high on the list: chocolate, loud and fast heavy metal, and books. I'm always reading something.

Turtle said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern, : the Wicked sweater pattern. I have picked up the yarn but am finishing a few other projects first! Plus the 100 degree weather is making the other projects better vs a sweater!
2) favorite sock pattern: so far, the standard socks on 2 circular needle pattern. I took a sock class last sept. and always have at least one pair going. Am just branching out on other sock patterns. I love socks!!
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn,: No one favorite as i love variety, colors textures!
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers : I enjoy Pixie Knits and kaitys If you want to destroy my sweater..also punk knits!
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: have to name 2 as i can't eliminate either! my camera and fresh smelling lotions! I am a nail tech/eyelash artist so i am always using lotions, etc. Always looking for new ones! (not a perfume girl!)

That was fun reading others answers!

Anniebananie said...

1. Must knit - any sock pattern for ME! (see #2)
2. Fav sock - Thuja, for DH (still haven't knit myself a pair or socks yet)
3. Fav sock yarn - right now, Panda Cotton (I've been knitting a lot of kids socks)
4. Fav Blog - DriveByThinking by Kemtee
5. Non knitting fav - scrapbooking and my kids, not necessarily in that order. :)

Rachel said...

1) favorite must-knit soon pattern: I've been wanting to make the Cable and Os sweater from No Sheep
2) favorite sock pattern: I'm a plain Jane, I like to just use Ann Budd's generic socks!,
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn: Debbie Bliss alpaca silk is miy current fav.
4) one of your favorite knit bloggers (I love reading new ones!)- I'm hooked on Knit and Tonic and Alison of the Blue Blog
5) one of your favorite non-knitting things: My kids and I are currently hooked on reading the old Bobbsey Twins books, lame right?!

Jennie said...

What fun!

1. Must-have cardigan. I've been hankering for this for a while. Finally moved it to the top of my Ravelry queue (after a chemo cap for a friend with BC).

2. Pomatomus. Love those swoops!

3. Cool Wool 2000. Sadly, discontinued, but it has such wonderful bounce and softness!

4. Knit and Tonic

5. Ice hockey! (I play)

z's momma said...

1) wicked -- I've got the pattern and yarn, just not the time
2) jaywalker
3) zephyr
4) two sheep
5) big puffy bread from Viks in Berkeley

Charmy said...

1) must-knit: Eunny's Endpaper Mitts! I have the yarn but need to free up a couple of needles first.

2) favorite sock pattern: This is so hard to choose!!! Jaywalker socks definitely takes the lead here.

3) favorite yarns and sock yarns: So far I'm loving Cherry Tree Hill and KPPPM

4) I browse the archives of the TECHknitting blog all the time, there are so many great tips that make my knitting more enjoyable.

5) I like to experiment with new recipes from other cultures. My current interest is in rustic, homestyle cooking, so this week I used up all the eggs in the house learning how to make Japanese Omurice. :D Next on my list is German Spatzle.

Jessica said...

1) Central Park Hoodie! I have the yarn and everything, I just can't get a consistent gauge. Frustrating!
2) I'm a big fan of plain vanilla socks (love mindless knitting), but I just started a pair of Hederas from Knitty, and I'm absolutely loving them. I'm already planning second and third pairs!
3) My favorite yarns are Malabrigo and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (any weight). My favorite sock yarn is definitely Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.
4) I like the blog FemiKnitMafia.
5) My favorite non-knitting thing has to be Tim Hortons' iced cappucinos. Those things are to die for! In fact, I'm just finishing one up now!

Elspeth said...

1) must-knit: My UFOs!

2) favorite sock pattern: anything from Sensational Knitted Socks

3) favorite yarns and sock yarns:
Cascade Pastaza and Brown Sheep Worsted are my favorite yarns. I don't really have a favorite sock yarn.

4) one of my favorite knit bloggers : I always read Chris' blog first!

5) my new favorite things: necklaces. I love making and wearing them!

ikkinlala said...

1. Fetching (from Knitty), because at the speed I knit (and with the number of distractions I seem to have) they'll be ready right about when the weather starts getting cooler.

2. I'm into really basic socks at the moment. I've been liking the sock "recipe" from Knitting Rules.

3. There are so many nice ones that I'm not sure if I can choose a favourite, but one I like right now is Schaefer Anne.

4. Once again, this is hard to choose. I always enjoy reading Deb's blog at

5. Fresh raspberries.

Calling Kahlo said...

1) favorite must-knit is clapotis
2) favorite sock pattern is jaywalkers
3) favorite yarn and/or sock yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, but I like Lorna's Laces
4) I love Sheep in the City and I hate waiting
5) My favorite non-knitting things is Sci-Fi tv shows with strong female characters.